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LinuxPlanet: A Look at KDE2

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LinuxPlanet is the first one out with a closer look at KDE 2.0. "For years we've many of us made excuses for our Linux desktops. They did what we wanted, and what we wanted that they didn't do we learned to live without in order to take advantage of the robustness of the underlying operating system. But with KDE2 we no longer have to apologize for our desktops.

LinuxToday.com.au: Review of Kaptain 0.4

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LinuxToday.com.au is running a review of Kaptain, the universal graphical front-end we mentioned a few articles back. They like it a lot. "Sound ground breaking? It sure is. Kaptain uses .kaptn files, which are simple text scripts edited in any way you choose. The script 'describes the possible arguments for a command line program'.