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MozillaQuest: Tabbed-Browsing Coming to Konqueror

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MozillaQuest is running a nice little story on the upcoming Tabs feature in Konqueror. "The K Desktop Environment (KDE) certainly has done lots to narrow the gap between the Linux desktop and the Microsoft Windows desktop. And the addition of tabbed-browsing to KDE's Konqueror browser is one more large step in closing that gap.

LinuxWorld: Why KDE Apps Have A Bright Future

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In what started as a series on KDE versus GNOME, columnist Nicholas Petreley has concluded the run with an article that details why he feels the future for KDE/Qt is so bright. He points out a few shortcomings in KDE (like the lack of tabbed browsing in Konqueror or underlining of typos in KWord -- both in CVS!) and says he feels confident that the KDE developers will fill those gaps.

LinuxPlanet: A Winding Path to KDE3

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While we wait for KDE CVS and KDE mail to be resurrected, Hetz wrote in with a pointer to .dep's impressions of a pre-beta2 version of KDE3. It's actually quite positive (he finds KDE3 stable already), with screenshots, but also not without some criticism of KMail changes and a good point about the difficult-to-kill KOrganizer alarm daemon.

PC World: KDE on the 2002 Technology Watchlist

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PC World.com is running a
about the technologies to watch for 2002. Besides predicting consolidation in the Linux distros (particularly that RedHat
will swallow up another distro), the article opines that
"[t]he arrival of Sun Microsystem's StarOffice 6.0 and continued
work on the KDE desktop graphical interface could make Linux a more

CRN.com: Accolades for a KDE Office

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CRN today published an article destined
to give KDE/Linux naysayers food for thought regarding the viability of KDE
as enterprise desktop software. In this well-researched article by
Frank J. Ohlhorst, the
CRN Test Center built a Linux network consisting of a server and five
workstations, with the goal of creating a reliable network that

ZDNet reviews KDE 2.2.1

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ZDNet reviews KDE 2.2.1, saying it provides a seamless migration from Microsoft platforms for business users and a comprehensive set of productivity applications, internet software and user management programs. They also mention, that "since KDE is merely running on top of the X Window System, you can perform remote administration of any KDE-enabled system by redirecting application output to another X server on the network."

Read the full review here.