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LinuxPlanet: Between the Sheets with KSpread

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LinuxPlanet is running a review of KSpread. The article is nicely written, warmly positive, but also points out some of the more serious missing features of KSpread, such as a lack of spreadsheet functions. "As far as the interface goes, everything was simple and clean. There is a function drop-down menu if you want it, or you can use a Formula Editor to build your functions.

Technology Preview of Rekall DBMS

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theKompany.com has announced
a technology preview release of
Rekall, a personal,
programmable DBMS for KDE. Rekall will simplify building database applications
with forms and reports. According to CEO Shawn Gordon, Rekall will have
a full complement of widgets so that applications built with Rekall will be
able to have the look and feel of any other application. He adds that Rekall

Good news for KWord: Qt3 widget ported to Qt2

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Back in November, Reginald Stadlbauer announced a new rich text widget for Qt. That widget could provide, he said, a very stable base for KWord. So a rich text branch of KWord was started and became the focal point of KWord development... The problem was that the new widget was only slated to appear in Qt3.