KOffice Summer of Code Ends

This year's Google Summer of Code is drawing inexorably to its close: the first indication that season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is indeed upon us. The KOffice students are busy tying up the last threads, adding the last flourish of polish that makes all the difference before they will slake the satisfied sigh that goes with work well-done. So - what did we achieve this year? In our very best tradition, read on for an overview!


KOffice Releases Ninth Alpha of KOffice 2.0

The KOffice team announces
the availability of the ninth alpha release of KOffice 2.0
. With
KDE4 becoming more stable by the week, KOffice development
is picking up at a fast pace and developers who previously had
trouble keeping up are now getting active again, leading to a much
increased rate of commits for KOffice. Both the NLnet sponsored


KOffice 2.0 Alpha 8

The KDE Project today announced the eighth alpha release of KOffice 2, a technology preview of the upcoming version 2.0. Work continues in the same vein as before, with a strong focus on finishing and polishing our new features that will set KOffice. This is a work in progress, showing the changes that have been made over the last month by the KOffice developers. Most features that will be part of the final release are present now, and bug reports are welcome for the more stable components.


KOffice 2.0 Alpha 7 Released

The KDE Project today announced the release of KOffice version 2.0 Alpha 7, a technology preview of the upcoming version 2.0. This version adds a lot of polish, some new features in Kexi and KPresenter and especially better support for the OpenDocument format. It is clear that the release of KOffice 2.0 with all the new technologies it brings is drawing nearer.


NLnet Gives KOffice a New Logo and Sponsors ODF development

The Dutch NLnet foundation aims to financially support organisations and people that contribute to an open information society. Some time ago they decided to help KOffice in two exciting ways: to sponsor the design of a new logo for KOffice, with matching logo designs for all KOffice applications, and to sponsor Girish Ramakrishnan to improve the ODF support in KWord 2.0. The KOffice team is deeply grateful to NLnet for this support!


KDE's ISO Delegate Votes Yes to Office Open XML

This week saw the International Standards Organisation vote on adopting Office Open XML as a standard for office documents. KDE gained a representative late last year through our legal body KDE e.V. realising that the only way to ensure a fair process was to be part of it. Today our delegate voted yes to adopting the format as an international standard.


3DConnexion Donates SpaceNavigators to KOffice

A couple of weeks ago Hans Bakker, who had never touched KOffice code before, started hacking on a Krita plugin for the 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator. Within a week or two he had a working plugin for Krita and it quickly became clear how cool these little devices are and how many possibilities for new user interaction paradigms they afford.


KOffice 2 Alpha 6 Improves OpenDocument Support

KOffice 2 Alpha 6 has been released. This preview release improves the OpenDocument infrastructure, adds snap guidelines to several applications and sees major improvements in Krita, Karbon & KPlato. See the changelog for more details. Download it from source or get the packages for Kubuntu or openSUSE.


KOfficeSource: a KOffice Consultancy Company

Announcing itself today is KOfficeSource GmbH, a
company that will sell services around KOffice. The founders comprise a small group of
members of the developer community, as well as outside talent. They share an interest in furthering KOffice by supporting it
commercially in addition to the non-commercial support that can be
found on the mailing lists and IRC. As the name suggests
it has been created in Germany but will operate across Europe and further afield.


KOffice 2 Alpha 5 Released

Immediately after the release of KDE 4.0 RC1, the KDE office suite KOffice today announced the release of version 2.0 Alpha 5. As with the previous alpha versions of 2.0, this is a technology preview more than a version for users to test out. Nonetheless there are some exciting new features and developments here. Read on for more information.