KDE Office Suite

Open Letter to Alan Yates of Microsoft

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In his reply to the Massachusetts decision to use only documents in OpenDocument format, the Microsoft manager Alan Yates writes:
(paraphrased) Star Office, Open Office, KOffice and IBM Workplace are all derivatives of the same codebase. Thus there is only one program that supports Open Document, and that is illegal.

KOffice 1.4 Release Candidate Announced

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The KDE Project today announced the release of the KOffice 1.4 Release Candidate. If nothing disastrous is found in this release, it will be renamed and become KOffice 1.4. A Live-CD has been created so that you can try out KOffice 1.4 RC without having to commit your hard disc to it. There are currently no binaries available for download of the release candidate.

Dave's Desktop: Mail Merge Using KDE's KWord

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Although KOffice may not yet be at the level of functionality of OpenOffice, it is still a pretty powerful office suite albeit with relatively little coverage. This is the first of my series of easy How-To's for KOffice that hopefully anyone can follow. The first How-To, including screenshots, shows you how you can easily make use of the mail merge feature in your KWord documents.