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FOSDEM 2005: KOffice Interview

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As well as the official talks at FOSDEM we will also be hosting 5 talks in the KDE developers room. The KDE FOSDEM team interviewed the speakers to get some background. The first interview is with Raphael Langerhorst whose talk is titled "KOffice - Desktop Integration and Workflow Automation".

Raphael Langerhorst with his Nephew

Please introduce yourself and your role in KDE

LWN.net: The Grumpy Editor's Guide to Presentation Programs

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As part of its Grumpy Editor series, LWN.net looks at presentation software and KPresenter was given high marks: "From the outside, however, KPresenter looks like a more vibrant, fast-moving project...OpenOffice should not be written off by any means, but KPresenter looks like it may be set to surpass it."