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LinuxTag 2003: KSpread Development Roadmap

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During the LinuxTag 2003 conference, KOffice hackers Ariya, Norbert and Phillip had a chance to meet and discuss the current state of KSpread as well as the future direction of the project. Plans include an Excel export filter as well as switching to the OpenOffice.org Calc format -- read on for the full KSpread Development Roadmap that resulted from the discussions.

kspread development roadmap

KOffice 1.2beta1 Ready for Testing, More Developers

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The KDE Project today
announced the release of KOffice 1.2beta1.
While the "final" 1.2 release is not scheduled for another 5 months, this
is a great chance to see what the active KOffice developers are up to,
and also a great time for new developers / companies to join the KOffice
project to accelerate the ascendence of KOffice into the