KDE Official News

KDE User Mailing Lists Reorganized

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The two venerable KDE mailing lists, kde and kde-user, both hosted at lists.netcentral.net, are being phased out in favor of two new mailing lists, kde and kde-linux, hosted at the KDE.org domain. Current subscribers to the existing mailing lists will need to subscribe to the new mailing lists. Administration of the old mailing lists will cease August 15 and they will be shut down altogether on August 31.

KOffice Suite 1.1 Release Candidate 1

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KOffice RC1 has descended onto the well-known KDE ftp servers. Your best bet is to use it with KDE 2.2beta1 and Qt 2.3.1, but KDE 2.1.1 and Qt 2.2.4 will work (though not as well). The next release, scheduled for mid-August, will be 1.1 final, so this is your last chance to give KOffice a whirl and help find any remaining bugs before we are stuck with them until the 1.2 release <grin>. SuSE gets the binary-build over-achievement award.

KDE 2.2beta1 and KOffice 1.1beta3 now frozen

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Due to recent instabilities in the CVS code, Waldo Bastian has announced that KDE 2.2beta1 has been delayed in favour of a message and feature freeze that will last a few days. During that time, developers will be busy finding bugs and bringing KDE CVS up to shape for a beta release. This probably means that KDE 2.2 will be released closer to July 30 than the previously planned July 23.

KOffice-1.1 Beta2 Released !

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A second beta of KOffice-1.1 is now available. The improvements since the first beta are considerable, particularly in KWord. If you are looking for a stable and full-featured word processor under Linux, give it a try! This release also features improved filter support throughout the suite including better MS Word and MS Excel support, and a new Quatro Pro filter.

SECURITY: New KDE Libraries Released

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As we announced last week, the KDE Project has released kdelibs-2.1.2 to address a security issue and fix some bugs. Besides fixing the KDEsu security exploit, particularly joyful to many of you who use Konqueror will be the fix of the "protocol for http://x.y.z died unexpectedly" bug. "Read more" for the full text of the announcement, including a list of changes.