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KDE2 Release Delayed One Week

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Due to the popular sentiment that KDE 2.0 is not quite ready for prime time, Matthias Elter, the release coordinator, has announced that a second release candidate is being prepared. RC2 will undergo scrutiny and testing by developers and packagers alike so that those final showstoppers can be found and squashed. KDE 2.0 final tarballs have been delayed one week and are now scheduled to be released to packagers on the 16th, with a public release of the packages on October 23rd.

KDE2 release schedule update

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The KOffice hack session is over, and Matthias Elter is back with a new KDE2 release schedule. While some of the details are still being discussed (hotly), in essence, RC1 will be released on Monday October 2, and the final tarballs will be created on Monday October 9. The public release will follow on Monday October 16. Note that the next KDE will be named KDE 2.0, contrary to what the announcement says. Woo!