Kolab 2 Groupware Released

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After two years of hard work, the Kolab Groupware Project has released Kolab 2. It allows for sharing of personal folders, calendars and contacts and comes with improved spam and anti-virus capabilities. With Kolab 2 installation is now an easy two-step process, and the admin web interface has many improvements. KDE recently started supplying Kolab for its contributors.

LWN.net: The Grumpy Editor's Guide to Graphical Mail Clients

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As part of its Grumpy Editor series, LWN.net looks at graphical mail clients. KMail is titled the most configurable and flexible graphical email client. Criticism includes missing features which can be already found in KDE 3.3 Beta 1 like HTML composing and better usage of external spam filters.

Kontact Artwork News, Interviews with Dariusz Arciszewski and David Vignoni

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In an effort to bring the kde-look.org community's creative power to Kontact, a contest was launched some time ago: the Kontact Splash Screen Contest. It's time to present the winner: Dariusz Arciszewski, and to know a bit about him. There are news at the icons front as well.