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The Road to KDE 4: Dolphin and Konqueror

As some of you who monitor the KDE news sphere may have noticed, there has been a recent addition to the kdebase module. The Dolphin File Manager has been added to complement Konqueror's browsing capabilities. Read on for more information about this new File Manager and its relationship to Konqueror and the rest of KDE.

The Road to KDE 4: CMake, a New Build System for KDE

When a project with the size and scope of KDE gets to be as big as it is, sometimes changing a decision established almost a decade earlier is very difficult. KDE has relied on autotools to build most of the project since its inception, but for the last year, KDE 4 has been building with CMake, a newer build system that is rapidly becoming a heavyweight contender in the world of buildsystems. Read on for more...

The Road to KDE 4: Okular and Ligature Document Viewers

Focusing again on applications this week, specifically I'll look at two of the promising document viewers for KDE 4, Okular and Ligature.
They are two of the rising stars of KDE 4, but they both have their
roots as KDE 3 applications that have grown up. Read on for more...

The Road to KDE 4: Phonon Makes Multimedia Easier

Like the previously featured articles on new KDE 4 technologies for
Job Processes or SVG Widgets, today we
feature the shiny new multimedia technology Phonon. Phonon is designed to take
some of the complications out of writing multimedia applications in
KDE 4, and ensure that these applications will work on a multitude
of platforms and sound architectures. Unfortunately, writing about

The Road to KDE 4: Kalzium and KmPlot

Since not all of the development for KDE 4 is in base technologies, this week features two of applications from the KDE-Edu team: Kalzium, a feature-filled
chemistry reference tool, and KmPlot, a powerful equation graphing and visualization program. Read on for the details.

These educational tools have received a lot of work for KDE 4. In particular, Kalzium and KmPlot developments are happening at an amazing rate.

The Road to KDE 4: Job Progress Reimagined

Have you ever had your taskbar filled with 10 applications all
doing something that involved waiting for a task to finish?
Document Printing Progress, a K3b CD burning dialogue, Audio Encoding
via KAudioCreator, File Transfers in Konqueror, Kopete, KTorrent,
checking email in KMail... The new Jobs support in KDE 4 will unify
the display of progress for these tasks, making it easy to see and manage what is happening on your system. Read on for details.

The Road to KDE 4: Full Mac OS X Support

Just because KDE has been designed to be portable across Linux,
FreeBSD and other UNIX/X11 environments for an age now, doesn't
mean we aren't up for the occasional challenge. With version 4, Trolltech released Qt for the
Mac, Windows and now even embedded environments under the GPL.
Since Qt is the base upon which KDE is developed, KDE is now free to

The Road to KDE 4: New KOffice Technologies

In this week's edition of the Road to KDE 4, we'll take a look at
the up and coming KWord 2.0 as part of the KOffice project. KWord 1.6.1 is
already a powerful KDE-integrated word processor, but with KDE 4
technologies, KWord 2.0 promises to be among the most powerful free word
processors available. Read on for more details.

The Road to KDE 4: SVG Rendering in Applications

Since KDE 4 development is in full swing with plans for a KDE 4.0
release sometime later this year, I thought I'd put together a
weekly piece entitled The Road to KDE 4. The idea is to
have a short overview of one or two of the features that show
progress in KDE 4. For my first issue, the goal is to show off some of the great SVG work that has taken place so far. Read on for the details...

Zack Rusin interviewed on the Linux Link Tech Show

Yesterday night Zack Rusin made a guest appearance on The Linux Link Tech Show. He discussed recent developments in the X.Org project, Qt, KDE, his life in Norway and some other Open Source related issues. It is a lengthy interview that should satisfy those who say Zack's not blogging and responding to questions often enough. Download the recorded Ogg file or MP3 file.