KDE Public Relations and Marketing

KDE Afternoon at FISL to be Broadcast by InfomediaTV

The International Free Software Forum will be held in Porto Alegre, Brazil from April 19 to 26. On the first day of the event KDE will be holding KDE Afternoon, a talk show hosted by developer Helio Castro and broadcast on Brazilian TV show InfomediaTV. The show will gather together some of KDE's best developers: Aaron Seigo, George Staikos and Zack Rusin.

Launch of SpreadKDE.org Promotional Community Site

The KDE marketing group is pleased to announce the release of
SpreadKDE.org, the new home for KDE's promotional activities.
Such a hub for marketing activities has been sorely lacking in KDE
until now, and we consider this site a to be a key milestone in
establishing a solid foundation in growing KDE's promotional activity.

Formation of KDE Marketing Working Group

The KDE Marketing Working Group has formed, after being proposed by the KDE community at aKademy 2005, with the aim of improving KDE's marketing and promotion efforts. Martijn Klingens, Sebastian Kügler and Wade Olson will be taking the lead in coordinating and implementing new practices, such as promoting releases more widely and running more exciting events booths.

KDE at San Francisco LinuxWorld Expo 2005

The K Desktop Environment project will again be present with a booth at the LinuxWorld Expo being held in San Francisco August 9 through 11. We'll be at booth #2038, upstairs, in the new Moscone building! We'll be demonstrating not only KDE 3.4, but also the upcoming KDE 3.5 and even maybe bits and pieces of what will become the revolutionary turning of the Gear KDE 4.0. We'd be pleased to welcome you.

Bull Offers Services in the Netherlands on the KDE desktop

This week Bull Netherlands announced on their website that they will offer services on the KDE desktop. A large and public company providing KDE support is something many KDE users (and, more importantly, potential users) will be very interested in. The Dutch KDE Team has translated the original announcement to English.

Bull to Offer Services on Linux/UNIX-Desktop KDE

Real World Linux Slides Online

This month I had the opportunity to speak about KDE, what KDE is doing to move into the enterprise, and present a case study of a company who moved from a Microsoft Windows platform to Linux and KDE. The presentation was at Real World Linux in Toronto, and Robert Brodie of Display Works Inc. joined me to talk about their migration experiences.

KDE at Chile's Entel Event

You might know me as the original author of Kopete, the instant messanger for KDE. This week I have some news from Chile where after having reclaimed the kde.cl domain and having organized the site with the help of Matias Fernandez, hard work to promote KDE has begun. I was invited to talk about open source at a very important business conference organized by Entel -- perhaps the most important telecommunications company of Chile.

Report: KDE at Comdex

At first I was thinking to title this report, "Report: KDE at Comdex". You're thinking, well, that's what you did. Big deal. However, I then changed my mind and started to write a report entitled "Microsoft is Afraid". I think this is the most appropriate title. Then I realized that no-one would know what the real topic is, so I changed it back.