KDE Success Story

KDE and the Linux Journal 2004 Readers' Choice Awards

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KDE and its various applications have featured very well in the Linux Journal 2004 Readers' Choice Awards which are published in the November issue of the magazine. Most importantly, in the category of "Favorite Desktop Environment", KDE came in first followed by GNOME. The trend over recent years has shown KDE gaining more and more popularity over GNOME and this year KDE received two votes for every one that GNOME received.

Linux User and Developer Expo 2004, Floor Report and Award

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On the 20th and 21st April, those of us in the UK were proud to represent KDE at the Linux User and Developer Expo 2004 at London's Olympia exhibition centre. Representatives were Jonathan Riddell, Charles Samuels, Chris Howells, Jeff Snyder, David Pashley, Malcolm Hunter, Richard Moore and George Wright, although Malcolm and Richard only came for the second day.

KDE France: Highest Internet Access Center in Europe uses KDE

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"An intrepid KDE fellow did not hesitate to venture in the bare landscape of ice, snow and rocks of the French Alps to report on the highest Public Internet Access Centre located in the Tourist House of Val Thorens, a ski resort spreading between 2300 and 3200 meters. In these extreme conditions, our reporter found in the hall of the Tourist House, five cybertables full of computers in front of which tourists of all nationalities were sitting surfing the web with intensity after having surfed down the snowy slopes.