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KDE and Konqueror win Open Choice Awards 2003

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Open for Business announced the winners of the "Open Choice Awards 2003". KDE 3.1 won in the "Best Desktop Environment" category and Konqueror 3.1 succeeded in the "Best Web Browser" category. The editors liked KDE for being the most polished desktop environment and best replacement for Windows and MacOS users and honored the time spent for making KDE applications' look and feel unified and integrated into the desktop.

World's Largest Country Goes for KDE

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As reported at CNet Asia, China has announced a new policy mandating homegrown software solutions throughout government agencies. Redflag Linux, a Linux distribution backed by the Chinese government, seems to be well situated to to fill their OS needs. And along with Redflag Linux Desktop 3.2 comes none other than our favorite desktop.

KDE Enterprise: Interview with Display Works Inc.

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Recently, Tim Brodie of Display Works Inc. emailed KDE thanking us for a job well done. Display Works Inc. has been using KDE as their official desktop environment for some time now, and recently migrated to KDE 3.1. I had a chance to ask Mr. Brodie a few questions about Display Works' experience with KDE. Head over to KDE::Enterprise to read the interview.

German Government Agency Rolls Out KGX

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According to a recent
story on
IDG.net, "A small German institute
has become one of the [German] Interior Ministry's first agencies to
implement Linux on the desktop, as the government pushes ahead with its
ambitious plans to introduce open-source software in the public sector."

The test 50-seat rollout was spear-headed by the Federal Office for