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KDE, KMail Voted Best of Breed by Linux Journal Readers

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Linux Journal has announced the winners of its 2002 (8th Annual) Readers' Choice Awards. According
to Linux Journal, [a]lmost 6,000 Linux Journal readers visited
the Linux Journal web site and voted on their top choices in 25
. KDE took the honors in the Favorite Desktop
category, and KMail

Linux Journal's Editor's Choice Award

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"Linux Journal's Editor's Choice Awards are well-known as the premiere forum recognizing outstanding product developments and achievements in the Linux market. A panel of more than 50 distinguished Linux experts was assembled to nominate products for the awards, which were then sent to the Linux Journal editors who chose the final winners." KDE 3.0 wins the honour of best Consumer Software.

OfB Open Choice Awards 2002: KDE 3.0 Best Desktop

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Open for Business has held its first annual

OfB Open Choice Awards
and KDE 3.0 has won in the category
Best Desktop Environment:
"If the KDE Project had been content to stick with KDE 2.x, this may very
well have been GNOME's year to shine. Unfortunately for the younger project, KDE
moved forward at such a rapid pace this year, some people thought the project's

LinuxQuestions Members Choice Awards: KDE Kleans Up

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LinuxQuestions.org has concluded
a vote on the Linux desktop, and KDE has once again had a great showing.
It came in first in the Desktop Environment of the Year category
with almost 69% of the votes. In addition, KDE standouts
Konqueror tied with
Mozilla (22%) as Browser of the
; KMail

Adam Wiggins: Open Source on the Business Desktop

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TrustCommerce has spent the the last 12 months or so transitioning to KDE/Linux-based desktops for general staff, with "resounding success". As Chief Software Architect, Adam Wiggins has written an excellent essay detailing the situation, requirements, issues, and the process of switchover.

KDE::Enterprise: KDE At Conectiva

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I have just added another interview to KDE::Enterprise, this time with popular Latin America Linux distributor Conectiva. The interview has some nice insights, covering their use of KDE, what their customers want, and their wide-range success in deploying KDE. "Our employees range from Linux gurus to people who have very little computer experience like lawyers, accountants and personal secretaries.