KDE on Unix and other platforms

Apple Releases JavaScriptCore Framework Based on KJS

Apple has released the source to

, a JavaScript framework based on kjs. It will be used by various applications in upcoming Mac OS X releases. "JavaScriptCore is a private API which may be used by future Mac OS X
applications such as Sherlock, and is provided as Open Source as part
of our partnership with the KDE community. JavaScriptCore will be used

LinuxTag 2002: KDE on Apple iBook and Sun UltraSPARC

UltraSPARC 60 with Sun Solaris and Apple iBook G4 PowerPC with Mac OS X -- these are amongst the diverse hardware and OS platforms on which KDE will be presenting its latest achievements to the world this week in Karlsruhe, Germany. Both installations will be running CUPS, to demonstrate how KDE Print can provide a great environment for an enterprise printing solution across different platforms.

KDE 2.x Systems

Yesterday I started putting together
a list of operating
systems/distributions and architectures
on which KDE 2.x compiles and runs. It is far from
complete but already lists three BSDs, eight Linuxes and four other
Unices, as well as nine architectures. If you know of a system that is not listed, please help us complete
the list. Instructions for contributing are