Apple Announces New "Safari" Browser

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In kicking off the Macworld Expo
keynote, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled
a new Macintosh web browser named
Safari. Jobs
said the browser was
"based on standards", "works with any Web site", has much-improved
performance over IE (page-loading speed is "three times faster",
JavaScript performs twice as fast and it launches "40% faster" - comparisons

KDE Security Advisory: Konqueror SSL vulnerability

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A problem has been discovered in the way in which the KDE webbrowser Konqueror handles SSL certificates. SSL certificates are used by websites to prove that they are indeed the website the user thinks they are. The following advisory has been released to bring this issue under the attention of all KDE users.

KDE Security Advisory: Konqueror SSL vulnerability
Original Release Date: 2002-08-18

Interview with the Konqueror core team

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OSnews is running a nice interview with Konqueror developers Dirk Mueller, Waldo Bastian, Carsten Pfeiffer and Simon Hausmann about what the future holds in store for Konqueror. Most of the covered topics are familiar to the frequent dot.kde.org reader, but some stuff -- such as details of the Atheos port, font handling, and plans for improved CSS2 support -- is very interesting.