kdetv 0.8.0 Released!

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After more than two years of development, the long anticipated successor of
KWinTV has reached its first public release. kdetv is an application to
watch TV using Xv or video4linux compatible video cards. With this release of
kdetv, Linux users can now enjoy a user-friendly desktop TV viewing

New Release of Kaffeine Media Player

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The Kaffeine development team, lead by Juergen Kofler, is proud to present a new release (0.4.2) of Kaffeine. Kaffeine is a xine-based media player. What sets it apart from other similar players is the fact that it tries to be an all-around solution by exposing xine's capabilities on an easy to use interface. Kaffeine supports all types of video and audio files and also VCDs, DVDs and media URLs. Almost all supported multimedia files can be played by point-and-click.

KDE/aRts Video Roadmap Meeting Results

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The aRts/KDE Video Roadmap Meeting ending up having a fairly large turnout, peaking at 26 participants on the IRC channel. There was so much turnout, in fact, that participants could not agree on a single line of strategy for video development in aRts and KDE. Some wished for a successor to mpeglib, something that would work within aRts but with the optimizations necessary for high framerate video.

aRts/KDE Video Roadmap Meeting

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All aRts and KDE developers (or would-be developers) are invited to an IRC meeting in order to draft a short- and long-term roadmap for the future of video in aRts and KDE. Why? aRts is a solid base, and it would be a shame not to build a good video system on top of that, taking the best from the already existing video projects.

When: Saturday, January 26, 2002
21:00 GMT / 22:00 CET / 13:00 PST / 16:00 EST

Noatun-Interview with KDE Developer Charles Samuels

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Klaus Stärk has
submitted an interview he recently conducted with
Charles Samuels about
Noatun. Noatun is KDE's powerful multimedia (video/audio)
player. Klaus tells us that Noatun will be the "Application of the
Month October 2001" on the German
, so the interview will be translated into German at that time.

KDE 2.2 Multimedia Meeting: Report

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Stefan Westerfeld recently posted a detailed
summary of the KDE 2.2 Multimedia Meeting, held on IRC on March 6.
The meeting focused on aRts, the linchpin of the KDE 2 multimedia architecture.
Topics covered include threading the aRts server; improved error handling
when distributed objects fail; increasing aRts user-friendliness (e.g.,