C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 Published

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Prentice Hall has published a new book, C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4, authored by Jasmin Blanchette and Mark Summerfield of Trolltech. Billed as "The Only Official Best-Practice Guide to Qt 4.1 Programming", readers will discover the most effective Qt 4 programming patterns and techniques as one masters key technologies ranging from Qt's model/view architecture to Qt's powerful new 2D paint engine.

Qt Included in New LSB Desktop Standard

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Yesterday the LSB Workgroup released the first version of the LSB-Desktop specification. Qt and Gtk+ are part of this new specification which is another step towards standardizing the Linux Desktop. The KDE project and Trolltech are working closely with the LSB Workgroup to have KDE itself accepted in future LSB-Desktop releases when the standard further evolves. Read on for the full press release.

QewExtensibleDialogs Library Introduction

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QewExtensibleDialogs is a plugin library for Qt Designer. It provides dialogs that can be nested with no limits and provides centralised control for accepting or rejecting the whole stack. Jose Cuadra introduces his library in an article which describes the use cases, the general design pattern and his Qt implementation.

Qt 4.1 Now Available

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Trolltech has released Qt 4.1. The first feature release since Qt 4.0 includes new features which will make it into KDE 4 such as integrated support for rendering scalable vector graphics (SVG) drawings and animations, a PDF backend to the Qt printing system and a lightweight unit testing framework. Qt Designer has been updated, OpenGL support has been improved and SOCKS5 support has been added.

Trolltech Developer Days in Munich

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The second annual Trolltech Developer Days took place last month in San Jose, USA and on last week in Munich, Germany. They featured keynotes and presentations from Eirik Chambe-Eng, Trolltech's co-founder and President; Matthias Ettrich, founder of KDE and Trolltech's Vice President Software Development; Aaron Seigo, KDE Core Contributor and many others. Read on for a summary of some of the keynotes and presentations given in Munich.

Eirik Chambe-Eng