Qt Quarterly: A Taste of Qt 4

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Qt Quarterly is a paper-based newsletter exclusively available to Trolltech's Qt customers. As a courtesy and convenience, a selection of articles are delayed also made available online in HTML format. One of the more interesting articles for KDE developers in this year's first quarter issue is an article by Jasmin Blanchette which gives "A Taste of Qt 4".

Developers: Qt Signal-Safety

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After many years of writing Qt code, most of which has been non-GUI-based, I've gained a great deal of experience with signals and slots. One tricky issue about signals is that they are generally emitted when the QObject is not in a safe state to be deleted. This can often bite the user of such an object unexpectedly, especially when performing resets or invoking QMessageBox. The simple solution is to write all QObject classes in such a way that they are deletable as the result of any signal they emit.

The Independent Qt Tutorial

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I have started writing a gentle introduction to Qt called The Independent Qt Tutorial. It currently consists of nine chapters and deals with how to setup Qt, how to use Qt Designer, how to write an application by hand, etc. The purpose of the tutorial is to cover all areas of Qt needed to write top quality applications. Feel free to check it out.