Trolltech releases localization tool

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Trolltech has released a preview version of Qt Linguist - an application translation system under the open source BSD license.

"Qt Linguist, localization tool, allows users to seamlessly convert Qt-based programs from one language to another, simply and intelligently. Qt Linguist helps with the translation of all visible text in a program, to and from any language supported by Unicode and the target platforms. A key feature in Qt Linguist is a specialized editing tool, with many features to help the translators be more productive and get better results."

More on Qt

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Trolltech and Qt have been getting some good press and support lately. The latest good news includes a strategic alliance with Loki to develop Linux applications. The LinuxToday article is here and the full announce here. KDE is also potentially a big winner because it is quite easy for application developers to provide a KDE-enhanced version of a Qt app.