Sound and Music

Help give a voice to KDE

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With the KDE 2.1 release nearing, major code changes are prohibited. Despite this restriction, we started thinking about how to make KDE 2.1 (or future releases) even more appealing. Carsten Pfeiffer, devoted KDE developer, remarked that while people are hard at work polishing the visual aspects, KDE suffers from a marked lack of sounds and sound effects.

State of the aRts

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Stefan Westerfeld has a neat document up summarizing the status of aRts in the KDE 2.0 final beta preview. Most of the work of the past year has been focussed on integrating aRts into KDE. The result of those efforts is a new multimedia middleware known as MCOP, a brand new notification system, a brand new optimized sound server, kaiman, Brahms, and more.