Kate and KDevelop sprint in January 2014

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From January 18th to 25th, Kate, KDevelop and Skanlite developers met in Barcelona. The sprint was focused on the work of the upcoming few months, and covered a wide range of aspects of these projects.

left to right, back row: Kevin Funk, Gregor Mi, Dominik Haumann, Christoph Cullmann, Milian Wolff, Joseph Wenninger
front row: Sven Brauch, Aleix Pol, Heinz Wiesinger, Miquel Sabaté

2014 Krita Sprint in Deventer, Netherlands

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Though the Krita team was one of the first to start the tradition of having sprints, with the first Krita Sprint in Deventer, in 2005, Krita sprints are rather infrequent! But, of course, we also meet each other during the more regular Calligra sprints.

Anyhow... Krita developers and artists met again in Deventer in May 2014. It was the most awful weather you can imagine for a sprint—warm, sunny, bright, lovely to be outside! Long and lazy lunches, discussions out on the roof terrace until after midnight, walks through the park. Is it a wonder nothing much got done?

KDE Edu 2013 sprint

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From October 24 to October 30, the KDE Educational team (KDE Edu) gathered for its annual work sprint at the Computer Science faculty of Universidad de A Coruña, Spain. The sprint was a mixture of hacking, discussing, getting to know more about Spanish culture, socializing, and meeting new team mates. The hot topics were:

Kate/KDevelop October Sprint: What's new in KDevelop

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This is the second part of the report on the joint Kate/KDevelop development sprint that took place in Vienna from the 23rd to 29th of October this year. It provides an overview of the changes in KDevelop. For more background and details about what happened with Kate during the sprint, make sure to read the first part of this report.

Kate/KDevelop October Sprint: What's new in Kate

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After the successful developer sprint in Berlin in 2010, the Kate and KDevelop teams met for the second time from the 23rd to the 29th of October. This time, the developer sprint was held in the beautiful city of Vienna. In total, 13 contributors discussed and collaborated on the future of Kate and KDevelop for a whole week.

KDE PIM October Sprint

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While not as traditional as the annual KDE PIM meeting in Osnabrück near the beginning of each year, a second meeting around October/November is starting to become a tradition of its own. Similar to last year and in contrast to the Osnabrück meetings—which usually focuses on discussing ideas and planning—this year's October sprint again concentrated on improvements to existing features.

Who is Randa for?

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The Randa sprint starts on September 21st. The fundraising drive has just a few days remaining. Randa is important to the KDE Community, which includes everyone who contributes, participates, supports and, most importantly, uses KDE software. Two key KDE developers—Aaron Seigo and Martin Gräßlin—have shared insights about Randa.

The value that KDE software delivers to millions of desktops all over the world is mind-boggling; made more so because the cost to users is zero. This is possible because the KDE Community thrives by giving, not taking. It is the epitome of Free and Open Source software. Many people donating small amounts will make a big difference. As part of the KDE Community, would you please consider donating?

A few days ago, there was a Dot story about twin brothers from Greece who will be part of Randa for the first time. In that story, Giorgos wrote about what Randa means for him personally and mentioned being inspired by his brother to be part of KDE. Below is what Antonis wrote about Randa.

Randa Makes a Difference

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21 year old twins from Greece are two of the dedicated people headed for Randa, Switzerland to work on KDE software. Giorgos and Antonis Tsiapaliokas are working on Plasmate, the KDE Software Development Kit for Plasma Workspaces. Giorgos wrote about his KDE background and what is motivating him to be part of the intensive coding in Randa.