Knoda Now Supports Firebird and Paradox

Knoda is a database frontend for KDE. With its latest release, Knoda introduces support for Firebird and Paradox databases, now supporting all open source SQL servers. Besides managing tables and queries, Knoda also lets you create forms and reports, scriptable via Python.

Supported database formats are:

  • DBase,
  • Firebird,
  • MS Access,
  • MySQL,
  • ODBC,
  • Paradox,
  • Postgres,
  • SQLite

Other enhancements are data aware image fields for forms, and the possibility to store and load connection information, so login can be much easier. Also some bugs are fixed.


I know only little about *sql, all my stuff was one database managed by Ruby on Rails. But if knoda is really that good I should give it a try :)

By cn at Fri, 2005/06/03 - 5:00am

Does this mean there is more than one kde database app?

By Anonymous at Fri, 2005/06/03 - 5:00am

it looks like there is a little competition between knoda and kexi. Everytime the dot announces something about Knoda, kexi devs say "oh but kexi has been doin it for years already" or "that's cool but kexi form rules" and then we get an article on the dot about kexi :)

By Pat at Sat, 2005/06/04 - 5:00am

It's sometimes cool to have competition... But does the teams plan some cooperation too? I think that a really complete DBMS Apllcation lacks now on KDE, Kexi and Knoda are almost beating it, but I think if having two teams working on separate sides don't complicate the efforts.

By Ivan da Silva B... at Sat, 2005/06/04 - 5:00am

Knoda is coming along nicely. Michal and I have been distracted but we hope to finally finish our plugins for Kommander soon and it's great that it will inherit access all these databases. I have a dialog now plugging into a Quanta toolbar that enables me to construct SQL point and click for web pages that I plan on releasing as a demo for the plugin. It's great to be able to use so many databases. MySQL gets frustrating when you need a real database. ;-)

By Eric Laffoon at Sat, 2005/06/04 - 5:00am

What's with MaxDB/SapDB? Isn't that an Open Source SQL server?

By Forgot my name at Sat, 2005/06/04 - 5:00am

It is supported via the ODBC driver


By Horst Knorr at Sat, 2005/06/04 - 5:00am


I recently tried to get KNoda (with postgress support) on my gentoo box, but it depends on the entire postgress database (which I dont really want to install). Is it possible to include just some kind of postgress driver? (from Java I'm used to having little JDBC drivers) - I just want to connect to a remote postgress database.


By anders at Sat, 2005/06/04 - 5:00am

This is not a dependency of knoda or hk_classes. You just need the postscript client library (libpq) and its header files installed. If the package you installed depends on more, you should get in contact with the rpm package maintainer / ebuild maintainer


By Horst Knorr at Sat, 2005/06/04 - 5:00am

Wonderful. But I see how the text under "requirements" could be misunderstood.



By anders at Sat, 2005/06/04 - 5:00am

...is for developers to create a package with *all* dependencies so that installation can be as smooth as possible.

By charles at Sun, 2005/06/05 - 5:00am

What you want is called "Linux distribution".

By Anonymous at Mon, 2005/06/06 - 5:00am

>> What you want is called "Linux distribution".

Have you used a Mac before? When someone wants to install a program [eg. Thunderbird] on a mac they only very very rarely need to worry about dependencies. They install the program and it *works*.. and that is what the end user wants. All dependencies are taken care of already, they are either in the package or already part of the standard OS [for *nix ppl in guess that this setup would be 'statically linked'].

As an added bonus, when it comes time to upgrade to their brand new laptop they just drag the application package over to the new computer and it works! Dead simple - the way computers should be.

.. and no, I am not some apple nut. I actually don't work on a mac, although I am surrounded by them and I am very impressed by their stability and ease of maintenance [I work as tech support].

By Yohans at Thu, 2008/06/12 - 5:00am