NLnet Foundation Sponsors Lokalize

The Dutch NLnet Foundation, aiming to stimulate open network research and development and more general to promote the exchange of electronic information, has decided to financially support the Lokalize project of KDE.

Previously NLnet, alongside sponsoring of a number KDE projects and activities, helped to develop ODF support in KOffice. This sponsorship is to support another open standard, XLIFF, in Lokalize.

During the KDE 4.3 development cycle, Nick Shaforostoff, the original author and maintainer of Lokalize will work on XLIFF editing support and integrating Translate-Toolkit's odf2xliff (also funded by NLNet) and also other converters to make Lokalize a general user-friendly translation tool for freelance translators.

Nick has already implemented basic open/save functionality as well as displaying and editing in-line mark-up. You can track the progress of the project via Nick's blog (aggregated on PlanetKDE).

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Congratulations on getting the fundings to further develop Lokalize. It already is a very nice translation tool and it is nice to see it will get help for further improvements. Thank you Nick! BTW, do I see in the screenshot a new way of adding the tags just by clicking the button to insert them into the translation? It will make this quite a bit more discoverable feature as Ctrl+T was quite hidden and it was easy to overlook.

Yes, I thought about it too, and included this in my ToDo list (I even know already how to implement this)