KDE Commit-Digest for 1st February 2009

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest: Initial support for adding video and audio previewing (similar to the file dialog) to Dolphin's metadata panel. A new "highlight window" effect for KWin-Composite. Filtering support in the "FileWatcher" Plasmoid, work on the "Welcome" Plasmoid, and initial import of "OpenBrain" and "Translatoid" Plasma widgets. Experiments to make a screensaver using KGLEngine. First approach on integrating an "interactive graphs concept" in KAlgebra. Initial code for an object-oriented KTurtle. Initial work on a 3D view completed in Kolf NG (a rewrite effort). Improvements in ReplayGain and bookmark support in Amarok 2. Major improvements to the Facebook photo download/import KIPI plugin (used in Digikam, Gwenview, etc). Support for LZMA decompression added to Strigi. More work on porting Konversation to KDE 4. Work on KPackageKit and the "DynaDraw" painting mode of Krita. Start of work on a Kexi-ODBC bridge. Fixes of many "release critical" bugs for the "Chart" shape in KOffice. Initial import of LinTV. Restart of development work on automatic language detection and switching for Sonnet. KTorrent 3.2 Release Candidate 1, and KDevelop 3.9.91 (first beta) are tagged for release.

Also in this Digest, Sebastian Kügler introduces "Lion Mail", a new email information Plasmoid (based on Akonadi). Read the rest of the Digest here.

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Thanks Danny.Its always a pleasure to read commit-digest.

New dot is really nice, just a few points:

1)i guess most people do not prefer a fixed-layout for dot.
2)dot is mostly about texts, what about a little bit bigger fonts?
3)all 'By' fields are empty.
4)i really miss 'dept' part of the old dot, can we get it back?

Actually i'd be happy to help on these issues if i know where i can get dot-specific themes and modules.

Has anyone gotten the new dot to work in konq? I'm running svn trunk but I can't seem to log into the dot.

Quite the irony if you ask me...

Writing this from Konq 4.2.0, login works without problems.

I was reading comments was like stopped here. What is new dot? and how is its usage? KDE really has alot of apps and features that some i have never heard about - good to get to know more :)
thanks in advance,
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I agree. The fixed width is a real PITA :(
Since I have problems with sight (I´m not getting blind - just older), I have to use a quite large font.
I have to scroll sideways, wiich is just plain crazy on a site like this (not that it was good before...)

About the font: I use Mandriva 2008.1, Firefox with standard settings, and the text is almost unreadable.

Try Ctrl++

the problem is the lack of word wrap.

with opera, you can force 'fit to width' (view -> fit to width), which will nicely format page so that you have no horizontal scrolling to perform.

i don't know whether it is present in other browsers.

Full page zoom should help you. For me, ctrl-scrolling does a full page zoom in Firefox, MS IE 7 (yeah, at work...) and konqueror. Try it :D

This comment is in no way intended to bash the KMail devs. KMail really rocks.
However, KMail + Akonadi was originally planed to be part of KDE 4.0 -- released in January 2008. It's been postponed step by step with the current target being 4.4 -- to be releases in January 2010.
When porting KMail is huge work, fine. We'll understand. But guys, please don't try to fool us with false promises.

I for one do not remember a full Akonadi port to be scheduled for KDE 4.0. It is scheduled for KDE 4, which includes 4.4.

After all, KDE-PIM is short on developers, and yet they do a great job migrating a broad user base from KResource to Akonadi.

And it doesn't matter all that much either.
Kontact/Kmail/etc are in very good shape in kde 4.2
I use it daily both at home and at work and it's a great experience.

I'd rather see them spend all the time they need on getting the akonadi integration/rewrites done right then have them rush in everything way to soon.

To add a note on this point: We are just getting ready to enable three-dimensional view aspects, but no objects are being rendered currently.

at the end of the summary :

(based on Akonadi. Read the rest of the Digest here.

closing parenthesis is missing :)



I have been wondering since quite some time what this Buzz list is, and what algorithm lays behind. The only thing I am aware of is that it never changes. Also, there are names in it I never heard of, or hardly ever read of in the commit digest of the last 18+ month. Just wondering if this is relevant at all...
Anyway, thanks for the digest, it's always a pleasure to read about the progress in the projects :)

by Hans

Have you read the text found under "Learn more about buzz..."? :)

Basically, since I only have a laptop which is not on all the time (just most of the time ;)), I was running the daily buzz generation on a server. Unfortunately, I no longer had access to the server, and so the buzz stopped being calculated.

I've been meaning to look into either freshening up the data or removing it, but I hadn't had time... but i'll try and look into it!



right now we are searching in the company for a new CRM system. So far we are using an old Act! system (Windows) on a per user set-up.

When I asked what are the basic needs for a simple standard CRM System I get the answer, that its like a contact based aggregator, that let you find every mail, attachment, appointment, etc. in a timeline/history context that's related to this contact. On a second level you can also group many contacts to a company or a project.

When I get this *me* instantly thought that this is Nepomuk-Akonadi stuff. A user should not be forced to to put this stuff in a collecting database but the semantic system should take care. So when I use my KMail I can do "right-click" on the mail address and can generate a CRM based status page where I can create actions like "made an appointment", "send file", "call", "write note", "write protocol".

Stuff like this can be a very interesting and valuable area and can put kdepim on a new level. BUT this as to be realised as multi-user system and not per Desktop or per user.



Sounds like an interesting idea. Apparenly, similair things happened to several companies when they started to use MAC OS X with spotlight. You can stop doing dificult stuff with your documents - spotlight finds them instantaniously. The integration of Nepomuk, Strigi and Akonadi has the potential of doing what spotlight did for documents - but for far more data than just documents.

When I asked what are the basic needs for a simple standard CRM System I get the answer, that its like a contact based aggregator, that let you find every mail, attachment, appointment, etc. web design | logo design company | Brand logo design