Amarok 2.0.2 Released

The Amarok team is proud to announce the release of Amarok 2.0.2, codenamed "Only Time Will Tell". It is a maintenance release that fixes some critical bugs while we are working hard on the next major version. A list of all changes can be found in the release announcement.

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Thanks for the great release.

Any idea when 2.1 will be released?

Also what's with the reference to Mike Oldfield in the code name? :P

:) You're welcome.

Yes we have a plan for 2.1 but it is not set in stone. Beta 1 is not too far away.

We love Mike Oldfield. Or why do you think Amarok is named Amarok? :D

Never thought about it, and don't get the connection with Oldfield.

by NabLa

.._. .._ _._. _._ _ .._. .._. ._. _...

I've only used it for a few hours but it seems to have fixed some problems I had with random incorrect tagging in Amarok is shaping up nicely, I look forward to 2.1.

Importing the collection from Amarok 1.x is somewhat important (big deal for me). Never worked properly on previous A2 releases, I find it disappointing it hasn't really been fixed yet.

Not so clear I'll move to A2 in the near future :(

A little question about future v2.1: Will return audio CD support?

Until we get that support I can't migrate all computers of the house from the 1.x to version 2.x :-(

Yeah, eventually AudioCD support might return.

More important to us is easy and well integrated automatic CD ripping, but technically ripping is pretty much the same as playing - just that you are throwing the data away after playing in one case, while you are keeping it in the other.

Playing sounds is quite different from saving it.

That said I think it'd be pretty trivial to enable cd playing.

It's looking really slick -- congrats to all Amarok devs!

There's only one tweak I would make: in the VCR-like buttons, the backwards/forwards icon should be slightly curved in order to follow the contour of the overlayed of the pause/stop buttons, respectively.


One little Question: Will return MySQL support to Amarok 2.1?

In fact Amarok 2 _only_ supports MySQL. But I suppose you mean the server version, as opposed to the Embedded version we are currently using.

Concerning this, no, it's not yet in SVN. And we're in feature freeze (soft freeze though), so it's unclear if this is still going to happen in time for 2.1.

Aren't you happy with the new release and all? I thought every one would hihi... enjoy -:)
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