digiKam digest - 2009-08-09

As usual, Mikolaj Machowski has compiled a commit digest of the work going on in Digikam on his blog. This excellent work deserves a more public spot, so from now you will find them linked on the dot. Those interested in the progress and new developments in the world of digital photography, be sure to click through to the digest!

This week in Digikam we saw:

  • Fixing of Exif rotation flags; new layout of RemoveRedEyes KIPI plugin
  • New widget for lists of images for KIPI plugins
  • refactoring of ICC code for cleaner code-base, preparation for general bug fixing and easier maintenance in future.

In the digest you will also see some screenshots showing the newest KIPI plugin: Local Contrast.

A total of 16 bugs reports have been closed while 24 new ones were reported.

Read the rest of the digiKam digest here!.

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These digests are great and the progress in Digikam is amazing!

I think that Mikolaj's work shows a way to a more sustainable model for the commit digests: several users following the work of small developer groups, instead of the complete work being loaded on one author.

That was generally my idea. Just for once decided to lead by example, not hanging idea in the air :)

Plus fact that digiKam developers rarely blog about new features while pace of development is very fast.

I personally really miss the KDE digests. I understand it was not possible to keep up any more, as it is a lot to "digest" ;-)

However, I am a bit afraid that splitting the effort up in parts like this will lead to orphan-area's. Digikam or Amarok are of course easy targets to follow, but who will comment on the efforts being put in non-sexy area's like KdeLibs or the translations? And yes, I know I am weak to say so, but it isn't going to be me either...