Grantlee Version 0.1.0 Out

Grantlee version 0.1.0 has been released by the Grantlee team. For those not in the know, Django is a high-level Python Web framework. It can be used to develop websites, and offers numerous features to make such a task easier.

Django's template system is designed to separate content and presentation with a clean and easy yet powerful syntax. Grantlee is a string template library based on the syntax and design of this template system and is written in Qt. It provides the possibility of user extensible theming to Qt and KDE based applications, and provides tools for other template based document creation including code generation and mail-merge.

Grantlee makes it easier for developers and designers to create flexible and attractive theming.

As it is based on Django, there is already a community of designers familiar with the syntax, and a community of developers implementing logical fixes and writing new extensions.

This 0.1.0 release of Grantlee will initially be used by KJots in the 4.5 release, and by the Qt based Arduino IDE for theming and code generation. It will soon be making more appearances in KDE PIM applications for theming support. A Google Summer of Code project is already proposed to bring Grantlee and GetHotNewStuff support to KMail for user defined themes.

Visit for more information and downloads of Grantlee! You're also more than welcome to join the Grantlee team in developing Grantlee. Merge requests can be send in through gitorious.

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I'd love to see Grantlee be used more often, it seems like a neat (and consistent) template solution. Especially because it uses Django syntax for the templates.

I would love to see a nice homepage to make it spread beyond KDE. (i.e. examples, FAQ, and info about compatibility with Django)

I'd like it to have a nice webpage too, but I don't have much talent with that stuff.

If you do and you would like to help, drop an email to [email protected].

Wish I could help you soon, unfortunately I already have another site on my list to do first.

I'm glad though to read it's not an oversight, but rather a not-gotten-to-it-yet kind of issue. Perhaps someone else could offer you a hand sooner then I can?