First Release Candidate for SC 4.5 Ready to Go

In the month since the second beta the KDE community has fixed hundreds of bugs. Development of features has been frozen for a while now and the Software Compilation is at the point where it needs a good testing to shake out the last issues.

So if you can spare some time and can help us identify problems or (in)validate other bug reports we'd be more than happy. Moreover, if you want to check out what's coming in terms of features and improvements to our workspaces, applications and development platform, this RC is a good choice for a test run.

Read the announcement for more information including links to where to get it.

And as usual the disclaimer: this release is NOT production ready and only for testing!


I really like the "kde control center" i.e., "systemsettings" new icon layout, very neat and very well organized. kudos to the devs.

The blur effect in plasma (widgets), is just awesome, looks very nice. Feels like it should be part of kwin, toolbars for a really slick looking kde!

lancelot looks good with the blur effect. perhaps kickoff could use "full" widget blur...

The new system tray with white icons has pleasant appearance.

please disable "sliding-popups" as default, at least for *kickoff* menu which is distracting/'delaying' the text-reading and so reminiscent of windows 98. Fade effect is fast, easy to read visually than sliding-popups (for kickoff) where text/icons are scrolled, one has to wait till the effect is over as one can not follow/read the moving text upwards.

thanks and I really appreciate the good work :)

Rapid test, as bad than beta2 :(

First computer:
- Plasma start with my panel active (i can see plasmoids launched in plasmoid adder) but not present on my screen :(
- If i clear plasma config file, on fist launch, moving plasmoid is really buggy, on second launch it's working..

Second computer dual screen:
- Second screen is black
- Clear plasma conf
- Second screen is present again
- Logout
- Login
- Second screen is black

Can you file a bugreport and work with the Plasma developers to get this problem analysed and fixed?

It'd be good if you installed the debug packages, and also posted the output when starting plasma-desktop from a command line (kquitapp plasma-desktop && plasma-desktop).
Please also include information about your system, your plasma config files (in ~/.kde/share/config/plasma* -- possibly replace .kde with .kde4 ).


Again :)

P.S. I'm not a spammer.

I do not want this to sound cliché, but guys - your work is just amazing and entire community does recognise it.
I have one feature request for upcomming revision thought. Could you please concider re-introducing option to have application menu centrally on top alá MacOS?

Being worked on, afaik, Ubuntu is also on this so it'll even work with Gnome apps :D

This is really amazing! WOWWWWWWWWW

It's like using a different laptop. Kwin now is *usable* and *fast*. Finally! I was blaming the Intel drivers but it seems it was not their fault...

I'm serious: THANKS guys for the hard work!

I just have to wait for the Akonadi versions of the KDEPIM apps and my system will be perfect :D

Really nice work guys


Great! The performance improvements are always good news. I hope also the use of RAM will be reduced. On my laptop I have 1,2 GByte of RAM but using KMail and KTorrent together the system can also get 500 MByte of swap memory.

An Italian translation for the announcement can be found here:

hey, i made the same experiences. I first installed the 4.5 beta and the desktop runs much smoother on my laptop. Kudos to the developers

now running rc1

its rock solid

thank you

On the page:

It says:

The complete source code for KDE SC 4.5 RC1 may be freely downloaded. Instructions on compiling and installing KDE SC 4.5 RC1 are available from the KDE SC 4.5 RC1 Info Page.

The link points to:

Binary packages

Moving up the page to:

Build instructions. Build instructions are separately maintained.

there is a link which points to the instructions to build KDE-4 SVN TRUNK for development. Not what most users want.

…that it’s a hell of a lot less resource hungry, and it doesn’t crash!

Many thanks for your great work!

PS: If you want to test KDE betas and still use your machine for production work, the emacs daemon is a lifesaver :)

I just added a screenshot of my current KDE 4.5 rc1 plasma setup with german explanations how to set it that way :) (including links to nonstandard-resources).