KDE Commit-Digest for 8th May 2011

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest:

  • Continued work throughout Calligra, including improvements to MS 2003 and MS 2007 file support, working anchors and server-based project creation
  • Work and optimization throughout KDE-PIM, including support for Kolab and LDAP servers requiring authentication and a big wizard revamp
  • Further improvements to terminal integration (with KonsolePart) in KDevPlatform and PyKDE4
  • Bugfixing and work throughout NetworkManagement, including possibility to set custom routes and further Bluetooth NAP tethering support
  • Telepathy-Contact-List sees file transfer and audio/video chat implementations
  • Major improvements to OpenGL backend in KStars and GSOC implementation of SVG export
  • Marble gains support for Monav 0.3 and further work from the GSOC project for offline search
  • Implementation of event processing for Nepomuk in Zeitgeist
  • Basic ResourceWatcher infrastructure in Nepomuk
  • Bugfixing in KWin, including enabling of direct rendering for all Mesa drivers
  • Okular gains support for reading a directory as a comicbook
  • KCM Locale gains support for Digit Grouping
  • Plasma-Mobile gains a Custom Search dataengine
  • Basic support for strings in structures added to Okteta
  • Multihead support added to KSplashX
  • Bugfixing in KIO including improvements to KDE's proxy authentication
  • Work on libechonest
  • Work in Oxygen
  • KTouch gains a Spanish Dvorak keyboard layout
  • Initial work for 3D support in Step
  • Trinity ports Rosegarden to support multithreading and compilation under both Qt3 and Qt4
  • Bugfixing throughout Plasma, Plasma's Applets and KMyMoney.

Read the rest of the Digest here.


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By Anonymous at Mon, 2011/05/16 - 9:02pm

No registration required :-)

By Aaron Reichman at Tue, 2011/05/17 - 3:26am

thank you all for yet another commit-digest, you can't imagine how many are grateful even if not commenting..

thank you again

By Anonymous at Mon, 2011/05/16 - 9:37pm

Danny Allen
Vladislav Blanton
Shafqat Bhuiyan
Marta Rybczynska
Marco Krohn

The Commit-Digest is always an interesting read! Thanks!

By Anonymous at Tue, 2011/05/17 - 9:35pm

I see there's a bug almost 10 years old that got fixed :-) How can that even be relevant under KDE 4?

By Anonymous at Tue, 2011/05/17 - 3:51pm

I just tried it in rekonq on kubuntu 11.04 and it's still here. I guess it's code that was transitioned from KDE2->3 and again from KDE3->4. Must be one of the oldest, still valid bugs in existence, no? Anyways, thanks to Dawit Alemayehu for fixing it :-)

By Aaron Reichman at Tue, 2011/05/17 - 6:58pm

Maybe now someone could look at before that gets to be 10 years old also?

By Anonymous at Wed, 2011/05/18 - 6:51pm

This bug was reported 2 months ago. Thanks to this comment, someone looked at it today.

It's not on most hated, most severe or most reported. Other than squeaky wheel, is there some reason this bug should precede others?

By Carl Symons at Wed, 2011/05/18 - 9:38pm

Because it was actually a server side implementation bug. The fix was actually a workaround and not a bug fix. It took as long as it did to resolve it because the ticket was unfortunately assigned to the wrong product/component bin.

By Anonymous at Fri, 2011/05/20 - 7:45pm

I see there's a bug almost 10 years old that got fixed :-) How can that even be relevant under KDE 4?

By Anonymous at Wed, 2011/05/18 - 6:49pm