KDE Commit Digest for 22 May 2011

This week, the Commit Digest includes a featured article about Gluon, the free platform for creating and distributing games.

Also in this week's KDE Commit-Digest:

  • First implementation of a user secret agent in NetworkManagement along with further work on NM-0.9 support
  • Better guessing of zoom levels and an offline address search database generator in Marble
  • Work on the KDevPlatform shell environment and annotation bar
  • Improved hotpluggable devices support in Amarok along with much bugfixing
  • KDELibs receives much bugfixing and optimization throughout, including optimized timezone functions
  • Groups support added to Telepathy-Contact-List
  • Further bugfixing throughout KWin, KDE-PIM, Calligra, Kst, and Rekonq.

Read the rest of the Digest here.


It's great that the Commit Digests are timely again. Keep it up!

By Anonymous at Fri, 2011/05/27 - 5:28pm


By Jose at Tue, 2011/05/31 - 1:46pm

Today, I learned about Kst. Thanks! :)

By Anonymous at Thu, 2011/06/02 - 4:31pm