KDE Commit-Digest for 26th June 2011

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest:

  • Work on Wayland support in KWin continues
  • In Calligra, among other changes, we can see performance improvement in plugins, fixed soft page break, added footnotes, and more work on DOC support
  • Updates in brush, stroke, and font support in Kst
  • Improved Python support in KDevelop
  • Improved map quality in Marble
  • GSOC work in SDK Dolphin plugin and Gluon
  • Fix in QIF import in KMyMoney
  • Skrooge sees properties that can be copies or links to a file
  • Updated line wrap handling and multiple session management in Kate
  • Bugfixing in KDevelop, KPhotoalbum, and Digikam.

Read the rest of the Digest here.

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The commit-digests are doing wonderfully well in the post-Danny age. Props.

Danny was instrumental in setting up systems that allow for timely digests. He's still involved...in a different way. The reporting process, including the regular Friday schedule, is working well.

We have indeed switched from a "Danny-does-it-all" to a "Danny-does-a-lot" age. Danny is still busy behind the scenes and does some review / classification work from time to time to keep fit ;-)

Most of the work for this Digest was done by Marta (with some help from Shafqat and me). Thanks a lot Marta!

If you like the Digest, please sign up for an Enzyme account and help us! Also please join our mailing list.

Vlad has been all over the Digest too.

Thanks to all of you and to the KDEvelopers who do amazing amount of great work.

I've been very happy with the relaunch and the contributions of people like Marco, Vlad, Marta and Alexander and of course many others in the content production of these new Digests.

Also, with the Enzyme system fairly mature now (and open source), the future of the Digest should be secure and also not dependent on a single person.

We do however need a few more people to reduce the burden on the core people listed above, so please volunteer if you can @ http://commit-digest.org/contribute/ - there are many ways you can help, it is not difficult at all, and there is no minimum time obligation!

We love the digest as much as ya'll :)