Stable Update 4.7.4 and Testing Release 4.8 Beta2 Available

Today, KDE makes available two new releases of its Workspaces, Applications and Development Platform. 4.7.4 provides bugfix updates, new translations and performance improvments on top of the stable 4.7 series, while 4.8 Beta2 gives a glimpse at what is coming in 4.8, to be released next month.
As 4.7.4 is limited to low-risk fixes, it is a recommended update for everyone using 4.7.3 or earlier versions. 4.7.4 will be the last release of the 4.7 series. The next stable release of KDE's Workspaces, Applications and Development Frameworks will be 4.8.0, which will be ready in January 2012. Among the highlights which will be in 4.8 are a new and fancy view engine for Dolphin, Qt Quick Components for Plasma, and of course all the fixes that went into 4.7.4.

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While I like the sentiment of this comment much more than some others, it's still a personal attack and against the code of conduct. Criticize the content but please don't make the jump to criticizing the person. It just feeds a cycle I think we'd all like to break out of.

It's not about demand or complaint for some small or big bugs, it's about community and collaboration to make good and fun stuff.

If you don't like it don't use it... don't complaint if you're not able to collaborate (there are a lot of ways to collaborate, not just hacking)

Thanks a lot to the KDE community for your efforts and *excellent* pieces of code. I'm using KDE and linux since 1998 and I love the control I have of my computer and the ability to make things exactly as I want (well, I'm a developer).

by Anonymous (not verified)

can you put oxygen scrollbar "bevel" and "colorful hovered scrollbar" back in KDE 4.8?

1. Nepomuk: rock solid at last. No reindexings. No breakage. No nothing. Now, Nepomuk team, it's time to focus on performance! And don't forget to iron those usability kinks.

2. KWin. It gained a little more performance between Beta 1 and Beta 2. It shows. If with Beta 1 I was able to run with blur in my puny GeForce 6150SE, with Beta 2 I can go all the way up and enable the Dashboard blurring. Yes, I get something like 5 fps, but I can't complain since I have a slow video chip indeed (and if I tried to do the same with KDE 4.7, it simply was not possible, so it's a lot faster)

3. Plasma. Apart from a problem with Microblog that seems to be closer to some Qt patch than Plasma itself, it's going like silk.

KDE 4.8 beta 2 is having an awesome behaviour. I think it has already a lot less bugs than KDE 4.7.4, while working better.

Been a KDE user since KDE 1.0 1998.
On rare occasions I hold my breath, Ohhh, what have you done! I am depending on this for my professional work!

Most of the time things are just purely beautiful.

Innovation! Bright ideas! Daring design! Redesign from scratch!

Never a boring moment, always a pleasure, productivity at my fingertips.

Thanks guys!

by Anonymous (not verified)

Hello guys. I've been using gnome till couple of months ago. I never really gave a chance to KDE, since gnome was working well and distributions that shipped with KDE were using software that I was not used to.
Since Gnome 3 and Unity were out,I really had no choice but to try new stuff, and so I tried KDE as well, it was hard at the beginning, I couldn't find stuff and had some frustrating experiences, but after a weak I was starting to get really impressed, I extremely liked the sound application where I could set what I want where, since I have tvcard, 2 web cams, usb headsets with microphone, another microphone, 2 soundcards.
The stability (from time my taskbar freezes for 30 seconds or so, or a random window becomes unresponsive) could get better, but the overall experience is great, my GF is also very satisfied on hers computer.
It's good to hear that Dolphin will become more responsive, a great file browser. The only thing I miss from nautilus is "connect to server" option, where I could connect to any server through ssh and put it to bookmarks.
Another thing what I'd love being able to set is the default terminal window size when I start it, it's too big by default and I love having lot of them open.
In any case, you've got two new users who are quite satisfied, it seems that other projects take users freedom, and you try to expand it, that's what I like.
Oh yes, one more thing, I'm not sure if it is a general case, but scripts that have +x permission should not be run by double click before giving a warning first.

by Anonymous (not verified)

There is a similar function in KDE: open "Network" in "Places" sidebar and use "Add network folder".
That'll do the trick. Unfortunately it uses KIO only, so there is a performance price to pay (even if some people carry on posting that it "shouldn't").

by Anonymous (not verified)


There is no link for Debian packages under KDE 4.7.4 info page. KDE 4.7.4 Debian packages are available in experimental repository and work fine. The same issue occurs with 4.7.2.