KDE Applications 15.04 Adds KDE Telepathy Chat and Kdenlive Video Editing

Kdenlive is the leading video editor on Linux

Today KDE released KDE Applications 15.04 our suite of 150 applications. Notable additions in this release include Kdenlive the leading video editor on Linux and KDE Telepathy the chat application to unify your instant messaging.

Kdenlive is the most versatile non-linear video editing software available on Linux. It recently finished its incubation process to become an official KDE project and was ported to KDE Frameworks 5. The team behind this masterpiece decided that Kdenlive should be released together with KDE Applications 15.04. Some new features they included are the autosaving function of new projects and a much improved clip stabilization. For the future the team plans to refactor big parts of the application and to bring back the MacOSX and Windows versions.

KDE Telepathy is our app for instant messaging. It was ported to KF5 and Qt5 and is a new member of the KDE Applications releases. It comes along with KAccounts, bringing a centralized location for handling all your online accounts to Plasma Desktop.

KAccounts lets applications connect to internet accounts

The KDE Education team have been busy. Andreas Cord-Landwehr turned Rocs upside down: he heavily improved the graph theory core and reworked many other things. KHangman was ported to QML and given a fresh coat of paint in the process. Cantor got some new features around its Python support. And KAnagram received a new 2-player mode and the letters are now clickable buttons and can be typed like before. In addition several of the KDE Games were ported to KF5.

This release continues the new style of releases, introduced with the latest KDE Applications 14.12 release. Along with this release is KDE Workspaces 4.11.18 as part of the LTS version of our Plasma 4 desktop which will end in August and the KDE PIM applications in their 4.14.7 versions.

Half the applications have now been ported to KDE Frameworks 5 (KF5), bringing the total to 72. The complete list of the applications is available on the KDE Applications 15.04 release notes.

Looking forward to August it is planned to see the first KF5-based versions of Dolphin and the Kontact Suite.

See the full list of changes in KDE Applications 15.04.

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The Kdenlive screenshot link is not correct.


by Ernesto Manríquez (not verified)

Now we can properly talk about that acronym for this fantastic video editor.

Kino would be fun but that name is taken already ;-)

Besides, it's up to the kdenlive team anyhow - you could've discussed it with them at any point anyway ;-)

Whatever the name, I'm super happy with kdenlive joining the KDE family as I believe it's good for the pace of development and as I use kdenlive a lot - the better it gets the happier I am.