KMail User Survey

Do you use KMail or Kontact? The KDE PIM developers want to get more knowledge about how KMail is used so they can better know where they should focus and how they should evolve Kmail and Kontact. They want to make the best user experience possible and you can help by filling out a short survey.

The survey won't take more than 5 minutes and it will be a big help.

Please share the survey with your family members, friends and colleagues who use KMail too!


It may be more useful to suvey non-users.

By Stefan at Tue, 2017/08/01 - 3:41pm

I would say both are useful... ;-)


What I wonder is why there was no way to separate "I don't know the feature" and "I don't need it". Also, I discovered "add follow-up reminder" which I didn't know about, as 15 year KMail user. It shows ONLY when you rightclick in the content of an email not in the message menu or the right click on a email in the list... Took me a while to find it. But - useful! Just like the awesome sent later feature :D

Just one tip/request: don't rewrite all of KMail from scratch. Incremental improvements is the way to go. Just see how far you got with incremental improvements already... Even if, sometimes, a big refactor is needed - just do the refactor. Not rewrite :D Please :D

By Jos Poortvliet at Wed, 2017/08/09 - 9:43pm