KDE's ISO Delegate Votes Yes to Office Open XML

This week saw the International Standards Organisation vote on adopting Office Open XML as a standard for office documents. KDE gained a representative late last year through our legal body KDE e.V. realising that the only way to ensure a fair process was to be part of it. Today our delegate voted yes to adopting the format as an international standard. "We have studied the standard hard and many changes have been made to it," said KDE's Supreme Leader Aaron Seigo "and following a $10,000 donation from an anonymous North American source we realised the market should decide the best formats to use, not technical bureaucrats".

The KOffice developers confirmed their support with Cyrille Burger saying, "The level of detail in this standard is very impressive, previous standards we had to deal with were less than half as expansive in their documentation. Working with a standard that makes such good use of previously established standards was also a main reason for the quick implementation in KOffice".

KDE founder Stephan Coolio was unavailable for comment because he was changing nappies.

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by Kapri (not verified)

Yes, ;) I know is supossed to be a joke in case you were wondering.

by Arnomane (not verified)

The best jokes are made by cabaretists because the background of their jokes is bitter and bizarre reality: They take a common event put it into a somewhat disturbing and unlikely context and suddenly you realize how absurd all this is.

So kudos to the KDE people that had the idea for this April's fool. You clearly showed that Microsoft must be a poor squirt [German: "armseeliges Würstchen" ;-)] that they are in need to act like they did.

So let's laugh at Microsoft and make fun about them. Recite the most idiotic parts of OOXML in public (not just in blogs and among nerds). Everytime someone says "OOXML is standard" say, "Well corruption should be standardized by ISO, too and I eagerly wait Microsoft buying my vote in favour of such a standard".

As said

by Giovanni Venturi (not verified)

Joke or not joke now this happened:


What a shame :(

by TheGreatGonzo (not verified)

This almost got me as I was reading it a day late!! That was until the $10,000 donation.....

Happy April Fools one and all!!

by she (not verified)

the date almost fooled me

But then I read 10.000 donation and it was immediately obvious that IF any bribery is going on, THESE indicators would NOT be disclosed ;)

by 1Debianita (not verified)

OMFG it´s true, OOXLM is a standar by now, and the donation, and A. Seigo is now ranked Supreme Kommander. thats Fucking surpricing

by José Mendes (not verified)

You almost killed me... If you imagine the names i called you... until i didnt realized that was a joke...