The People Behind KDE: Dirk Mueller

This week on The People Behind KDE, our beloved Tink interviews KDE perfectionist Dirk Mueller, one of the people you can thank for how well Konqueror, and KDE in general, work these days. "Right now I'm mainly working on the Konqueror HTML engine of KDE 2.x, it's
very interesting and challenging work so I spend most of my time on this.
In general I like improving KDE overall, fixing performance and usability issues
or bugs. I try to keep an eye on the development and take a look at whatever is
interesting to me at the moment. Especially, I like working on the nasty little details
that make things perfect, hence my addiction to KHTML."


Anyone had any luck with the Java games on With the second beta of 2.1 I was able to play about half of them, but I can't get any of them to work with the final release. ;-(

Oh well, still love Konquerer.

By JC at Sat, 2001/03/10 - 6:00am