KDE 3.1 RC1: Ready for a Short Test Drive

The KDE Project yesterday
announced the release
of KDE 3.1 RC 1. This release, while important, will have but a short lifespan (RC 2 is scheduled for next Monday), and so binary packages are not planned.
A couple of points to consider: First,
if you are wed to the hicolor icons, please note that they have been moved
to the kdeartwork package; the other packages ship only with the new modern
and attractive Crystal-SVG icon theme.
Second, Klipper users who experience slowness or possible crashes in Konsole
or KMail with this release should try disabling the Klipper syncing options,
and then check
the KDE 3.1 Info Page
about reporting results. Please give this release a thorough testing
so KDE 3.1 will be good and ready on schedule! A short but informative
preview of
the much-improved KDE 3.1 is available on the KDE Promo site.

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by Joerg de la Haye (not verified)

Slowness is mentioned in the article, and I do notice it while typing some input in konsole, or in any HTML formular field like this one or at google.com.
Compare typing a line in konsole to typing a line in xterm and a line in the konqueror addressfield, then delete these inputs via backspace - there're lags and delay, but only in konsole.

Does anyone noticed this either?
I didn't have these problems in older versions of KDE, not even in Beta 2.
Also if you uninstall klipper, it doesn't go away.
Maybe a bug?

by Anonymous (not verified)

Try unsetting LC_ALL. If anyone has a hint how to solve this problem, please add your solution to http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=49837.

by Anonymous (not verified)

That's now fixed in Qt 3.1 final and the qt-copy distributed with KDE 3.1 RC2.

by Jimmy Mcnamara (not verified)

just finished compiling it on my OpenBSD/macppc machine.
runs smothly on a 500mhz G4.
klipper tends to crash from time to time though, i recon it will be fixed
in due time to the release aye?.

by Rimmer (not verified)

are the smooth, rounded edges around the icon name (when the icon has been clicked once to highlight it). In KDE, a highlighted icon has a plain box around the icon name. Even worse, the icon name isn't even centered properly in the box. Any chance of this getting changed in KDE 3.1? :)