People Behind KDE: Summer of Code 2007 (1/4)

The People Behind KDE series takes a temporary break, as we talk to students who are working on KDE as part of the Google Summer of Code 2007 - in the first of four interview articles, meet Aleix Pol Gonzàlez, Piyush Verma, Mike Arthur and Nick Shaforostoff!


I think we need a good photo manager, with features like posting to blogs, mailing, reworking the pics, tagging... apologies if it already exists and I never encountered it.

Digikam is not good enough for this job?

By Med at Sat, 2007/08/04 - 5:00am

I really liked reading this 4-sided interview.. I also visited the personal/blog pages of the four students. It's very good to see talented guys working this passionately on their own stuff!
Really really nice article!!

By a reader at Sat, 2007/08/04 - 5:00am

"the UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) and it is somewhere in Barcelona where computer, telecomunications and civil engineering students apply for their course. That means 0 girls around :P. Anyway, it is a great place to study and meet interesting people."

yeah, when i was a student ( in civil engineering) we had 500 boys for only 10 girls. i never recovered from this injustice ;-)

good works guys

By djouallah mimoune at Sat, 2007/08/04 - 5:00am

omg! just googled 'ocr linux russian' and found out that support for russian is to be added soon for google-sponsored tesseract-ocr

By shaforostoff at Sat, 2007/08/04 - 5:00am