OnebaseGo "KDE 3.3 Beta2" LiveCD Released

The Onebase Linux Team is pleased to announce a new flavor of OnebaseGo 2.1 LiveCD providing exclusive preview of the complete KDE 3.3 Beta2 "Kollege" desktop suite. This edition has been primarily released to test and report bugs about this unstable KDE version (gdb is included). All the KDE packages were compiled and optimized with GCC 3.4.1 to provide top-notch performance and speed. Also included are KOffice 1.3.2, Flash 7.0 and many more software. Read the full announcement.


very much thanx to the onebase linxu team for this release, its nice to have an up-to-date livecd!

By superstoned at Thu, 2004/08/05 - 5:00am

I'll check this toroughly as soon as those folks from the admin team in our dormitory enables my internet access again. I wish for a ride, and I think I'll get hell of one. KDE is the best desktop ever. Go KDE, go.
(ehhrm, btw, what about 3D anyone? You wouldn't mind trying that on akademy, would you (*hint, hint*)?)
cya that guiser

By that guiser at Thu, 2004/08/05 - 5:00am

what about 3d?

By Ian Monroe at Thu, 2004/08/05 - 5:00am

Does anybody know the root password for this live distro ?? I couldn't find the password to enter kde :-((

By Andreas Scherf at Thu, 2004/08/05 - 5:00am

Thanks but couldn't find any password or anything else on this page ... ???

By Andreas Scherf at Thu, 2004/08/05 - 5:00am


By Lukumo at Thu, 2004/08/05 - 5:00am

Has anyone found the password for root yet.. Still looking


By Rockem at Tue, 2004/08/24 - 5:00am

A lot of people can download, burn and test a live cd. A lot less scary than installing some rpm's, let alone compiling from source.

If only it wasn't released on the freeze date for kde-3.3-RC1 :(

Too bad, this could be such a valuable tool.

By Johan Veenstra at Fri, 2004/08/06 - 5:00am

Is amarok included in this release?

By tux at Fri, 2004/08/06 - 5:00am

Why not find out?

Simply questions require equally simple answers :P

By uniplex at Fri, 2004/08/06 - 5:00am

Sounds quite arrogant for an answer where a simple yes or no would do.

By Anonymous at Fri, 2004/08/06 - 5:00am

I think the big warning in the background image stating the purpose of this CD ("test version, software may be unstable, if you prefer a stable version then get it from the website") is a very responsible measure.

By cm at Fri, 2004/08/06 - 5:00am

Enrico, your optimizations make konqueror so much more fun to use, well
I don't have the words to describe... :-)

(For those who don't know what I'm speaking about: )

Enrico, you rock and I hope you will make your way through kde cvs and look
for more things to optimize!

Such "small" optimizations are so important!!
They make KDE look very professionnal.

Apart of that, support for css::border-collapse:collapse; is a nice and
important addition aswell!

Big thanks to all the KDE developers from a happy user!

By ac at Mon, 2004/08/09 - 5:00am

Thanks for pointing this out, it is indeed AWESOME stuff. Keep going, Mr. Ros!

Can't wait for 3.3 to see all this stuff in action!

By Mikhail Capone at Tue, 2004/08/10 - 5:00am