4.1 Release Candidate Out For Testing

Today, we are passing the last milestone on the way to KDE 4.1, a release that will be suitable for a larger audience than 4.0 has been. While it is not yet up to the features that people are used to from KDE 3.5, KDE 4.1 provides a significant amount of improvements over KDE 4.0, which some said was a bit of a bumpy ride. Sources and available packages are linked on the release info page.
KDE 4.1-rc1 is the only release candidate for KDE 4.1, which will be released on July 29th.

The development in trunk/ in Subversion has already been opened for feature development, which is going into KDE 4.2 (to be released in January), but developers are strongly encouraged to concentrate on bugfixing in the 4.1 branch for now. Do give RC1 a spin, file bugreports and fix things, there is only a week left until 4.1 is being tagged. Do have your changes in the 4.1 branch reviewed by your peers, though. Note that some users might still be suffering from performance problems with NVidia graphics chips. There is a page on Techbase that gives some more information about it. Make sure you report bugs via KDE's Bugzilla so they can be addressed and do not get lost.


Thanks for the new release.. I am installing / testing it on my asus 900.. Is the panel autohide feature included.. I couldn't find anywhere to set it but was wondering if it was setable by editing the panel config file...


ps runs great on the eee 900... looks really good also

By Ruairi at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

You get autohide hopefully with kde 4.2. At the moment this feature isn't there.

By Manuel Mommertz at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

It's not a feature, it's a necessity.

By reihal at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

It may be as well, but there was feature freeze and of course, developers are humans like everyone else.

By Luca Beltrame at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

Then you write it's code. It's a necessity, you know? Just do it.

By Commander at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

It can even be done during the 4.1 cycle as a plugin, after all, that's how Plasma is build. Maybe writing a Panel using Python so the user won't even have to compile stuff, or changing the current C++ code and offering it on kde-look.

By jos poortvliet at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

That's pretty simple then. You rewrite the existing panel in Python/Kross (not that I think that the current C++/Qt API is more "intimidating" or quirky but if you say so!) , and write autohide as a plugin, upload it on kde-apps.org and give us the URL. And do it quickly please, before the 4.1 is released so you have less than a couple of weeks (don't forget to do extensively test it, my KDE 4.1 RC is fairly stable and I don't it crashing because of quick-and-dirty code) Go ahead and don't forget keep us updated with your progress, as well.

By Commander at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

... yes master ...

By Paul Eggleton at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

What a perfect after work bit of humor. Thanks!

By winter at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

would've been even funnier if reihal wrote it ;-)

By Jos Poortvliet at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

I have no sense of humour.

By reihal at Thu, 2008/07/17 - 5:00am

and I'm not a sensei....

I would like to see two things on 4.1.x... (the second one on 4.1.0!) Panel autohide and multirow panel. I have 1280x1024 19" inch monitor. I use OpenSUSE 11.0 as distribution and KDE 4.1 RC1. I can get three window open and my panel is full.

Systray widget eats lots of space because you cant have two rows. Three icons in panel (dolphin, konqueror, kickoff) eats lots of space because I cant have those dolphin & konqueror as on two row. My three window panel eats all left space because I have only one row to use... so Please :)

By Fri13 at Thu, 2008/07/17 - 5:00am

Just open more windows and.. ta-daaaah! multi rows appear magically (that is how it is supposed to be.. why do we have to waste space if there are only 3 open apps?)

By Vide at Sat, 2008/07/26 - 5:00am

Great work, tried kde4live and its a huge step foward from 4.0.5 wooooww!!!

Reihal: be kind with developers, I think if they could they would have it included already... and if is a necessity, scratch your itch!! :) Have you coded today? Have you donated today?

By jorge at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

The developers are great, of course. I just need my screen space.
Why so touchy?

By reihal at Thu, 2008/07/17 - 5:00am

Hey, reihal... after a recent flood, my basement is cluttered and needs to be sorted. It is not a request, it is a necessity.

Please tell me when it is going to be done, as I need it.

By Evan "JabberWok... at Thu, 2008/07/17 - 5:00am

If there's a whole bunch of companies who use your basement to make money with it, maybe they'll fix it.

Yeah my reply is kind of stupid and doesn't reflect the actual situation, but neither does yours. I agree some flamers in the forum are annoying with all their stupid negative comments, but it was not the case here. Give the guy a break. There's space in the forum for positive and negative remarks.

By ad at Thu, 2008/07/17 - 5:00am

Yes, and if they don't, it doesn't get fixed. There's no difference between a commercial motivation (actually, my basement houses a bunch of stageshow props and costumes, so the community does use it) and a personal motivation. Both motivate development. Somebody random on the internet petulantly demanding that other people do something for them is seldom a motivation. In fact, just demanding that other people do things to make your computer work better is a pretty lousy tactic. Money and friendship go a long way -- I just helped a friend move to his new home last night, and I did it for friendship... I care about them because they have been nice to my wife and I. He could also have hired movers and paid them to move it.

Standing in front of my house (because I've helped people move) or in front of the moving companies building and demanding that we move him is a bad method. He was asking why people were so touchy. That's why.

It's not a matter of "he has no right to complain", it's a matter of explaining why he isn't making any headway with his demands. It is basic social or commerce interaction -- you have to be nice to people or pay them money (or some other kind of trade: a time investment for instance). Motivation for getting other people to help you is pretty simple. He made demands coupled with no *reason* to assist him ahead of anybody else with 10,000 different varied request. That's why people are touchy... those kinds of motivation free demands ("Do this for me because I need it") are way too common.

He seemed genuinely baffled, which is why I *was* giving the guy a break and explaining why he was getting the reaction he was.

By Evan "JabberWok... at Thu, 2008/07/17 - 5:00am

Well I agree with everything you say, except with the part about him making demands. He just said he needed it, it's just a comment. I agree you were quite polite with him, but not with the explanation of the whole reaction because in my opinion it doesn't really fit what happened in this case. Anyway enough of drama I guess :)

By ad at Thu, 2008/07/17 - 5:00am

No, reinhal has a long historial of plasma bashing here on the dot, so there are reasons if people is so susceptible with him

By Vide at Sat, 2008/07/26 - 5:00am

everything was cool till you spoke of necessity, like a demand, like you are paying someone...

They will do it, the fastest they can, with the resources they have, I have no doubt about it. Touchy because of the negative spam comments that are flouting around everywhere. Demanding everything today! Because I need it! If you need it stick with 3.5.10 till 4.2 have that need of yours.

But yes, above is a over reaction to a simple request... and I understand your "com' on, your being too hard on me " :-D (not ironic)

By jorge at Thu, 2008/07/17 - 5:00am

I see, you are projecting your frustration of others comments on an easy target.
Thats normal, I guess.

By reihal at Fri, 2008/07/18 - 5:00am

don't be so touchy!! :-D

All I was saying was you don't have the right to order the developers that rude way, and I was trying to teach you some diplomacy, as other "users" like you should learn...

I have my little complains/wish/demands, and I have made it here (where I should have made it a bug report) but I didn't received the same reception as you, that's weird...

I will stop now.

Great Great release!! Thank you guys!

By jorge at Fri, 2008/07/18 - 5:00am

You appear to have misspelled "monstrosity" as "necessity".... ;-)

By Adrian Baugh at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am


Please don't implement autohide. It's a necessity.

By Ioannis Gyftos at Fri, 2008/07/18 - 5:00am


By jason at Sun, 2008/07/20 - 5:00am

Not there?
then I'll probably wait for the 4.2 release.

By Adrian Ribao at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

the same with me...

By Tom at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

And that is perfectly cool. We don't expect everyone to move to KDE4 with this release. For some it's good enough (or better) already others' pet features aren't there yet, those can be using KDE 3.5 just fine. Everybody happy :-)

By Sebastian Kügler at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

4.1 rocks here on openSUSE! I can live without autohide for a while, there is a ton of new fantastic things here :)

By Koko at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

We don't expect everyone to move to KDE4 with this release
others' pet features aren't there yet,

So much for a user question and for the remarks users make everywhere

Users have questions for "pet" feateures

Without those users none would have opensuse 11, they are all waiting for the boxed version.
Than the may ask questions because they paid for it.
Ok we will ask Novell to hide kde4 from every one till there will be a boxed version one can buy.
No more "pet" feature questions.

So sleep wel

By susegebr at Sun, 2008/07/20 - 5:00am

This "minor" setting is a Show Stopper for me with the KDE4 series as well. I have never wanted my screen real estate (no matter how big or small that may be) taken up by some static bar full of pictures on the screen.

Is there a long list of features somewhere on the KDE site that shows a list of what features are planned for the 4.2 (or later, or just whatever) release so I can keep an eye on this?


By Xanadu at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

By hias at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am


By Iuri Fiedoruk at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

Thank you very much, that's exactly what I was looking for!


By Xanadu at Sun, 2008/07/20 - 5:00am

I have been hearing for a while that many features are now being aimed at 4.2 because they just missed the 4.1 window. Right after the 4.0 release, we were told that many things that just missed the 4.0 window would have to wait for 4.1, even if the code was in trunk right after 4.0 release.

After some griping, some of these features were "back-ported" to the 4.0.x releases.

I'm curious. If the feature does make it to trunk earlier enough, should new features be included in minor releases? Even 3.5.x releases added new features, and some would suggested that 4.x is missing enough new features that it would seem adding them sooner would be the way to go.

Is there a decision making process on when to hold back a new feature that exists in trunk?

By T. J. Brumfield at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

> Is there a decision making process

generally we don't add any new features to patch level releases; in extreme situations we do, but we try and keep those to a "known stable" minimum. (some of the 4.0 backports definitely failed on that metric, unfortunately.)

another approach, which is likely more sane for things like panel hiding, is to provide patches for some of these features that can be applied by downstreams to 4.1.x but don't include them in official kde releases until 4.2.

By Aaron Seigo at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

Aaron, wasn't one of the initial ideas of Plasma being release-independent from KDE?

You know, it would be very, very, very (repeat this a lot) good if we could have plasma releases without having to change kdelibs.
Sure some features or plasmoids that required new changes in the libs would not be possible, but things that already are working in trunk today probally work just fine also with 4.1 libs - because the trunk probally is not *that* different from 4.1 yet.
For example, I've saw that tooltips are back.

Now that is not an easy thing, nor I believe *that* much important after KDE changed to 6 month release cycle (I'm loving this model, 4.1 being a GREAT release after 4.0 shows that it is working), but it would be fun :D

By Iuri Fiedoruk at Thu, 2008/07/17 - 5:00am

In short: Yes. You can write your own auto-hiding panel and install it into KDE. You don't need to rip out Plasma or update kdelibs for that.

By Sebastian Kügler at Thu, 2008/07/17 - 5:00am

So, after the Plasma API is stabilized (meaning only new functions/objects, o changes to break compatibility) it would be wise if plasmoids could be upgraded.

Think about how firefox extensions work. THAT would be awesome for users wanting new features without having to (wait for) upgrade the entire KDE system :)

Feasible or there is no desire of such a thing?

Thanks in advance.

By Iuri Fiedoruk at Thu, 2008/07/17 - 5:00am

DXS (or GHNS) would have to have that feature added, but it seems entirely possible.

By Scott Dixon at Fri, 2008/07/18 - 5:00am

>I have been hearing for a while that many features are now being aimed at 4.2 because they just missed the 4.1 window. Right after the 4.0 release, we were told that many things that just missed the 4.0 window would have to wait for 4.1, even if the code was in trunk right after 4.0 release.<

Yes, and I guess that's normal in any softwareproject, right? Esp with a more time-based release schedule as we're trying to adopt...

About the decision making process - it's simple. No features are backported, only bugfixes.

We did add some features during the 3.5.x series because KDE 4.0 took a while, and we added features to 4.0.x because it wasn't really targeted to those who need a super-stable release anyway. It is not impossible there will be features during the 4.1.x series, but I don't think it is very likely. After all, even though some minor things are missing, for 95% of the users, KDE 4.1 is pretty much on par (and of course in many ways superior) to 3.5. I do miss some features - sure. Drag'n'drop of a icon into a text input field in konqueror opens the file instead of adding the location to the input field as it used to do. And there are more issues like that. But should we sacrifice stability for such rather minor things? If we want to target the larger userbase, we shouldn't. And I think, despite such minor issues, KDE 4.1 is good enough. It will be for me, and I'm rather critical.

Besides, KDE 4.2 will be out in another 6 months - not too long a time to wait, right? I'd rather see the developers focus on that release than backporting & heavily testing features for 4.1. Looking at the issue from the perspective of a slightly larger timeframe (1 year is enough already) would make you agree, I think. For long term progress (which ultimately benefits users most) development of TRUNK is most important. More important even than the perceived quality of the current release for endusers (see the 4.0 controversy) - as long as developers like to work on it. And they do, that's why we welcomed 166 new developers in 6 months ;-)

Hey I see your point, I'd rather have those features on my desktop YESTERDAY. But really, would you want to sacrifice future progress for it?

By Jos Poortvliet at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

A few small features that close the gap between KDE 3 and 5 in some areas would be nice to see earlier, but I understand the philosophy of not adding features in point releases.

That being said, Aaron's suggestion of splitting some of those things out as patches (and I assume in turn allowing distributions to opt to include those at their discretion) is more than fair.

By T. J. Brumfield at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

The problem is that although this will be KDE-4.1.0, the desktop and Plasma are really still in Beta. So, should be apply the proper release standards to Plasma or consider it to be a Beta (which it actually is) and continue to add features to the Plasma Beta that is included in KDE-4.1?

Have we reached the point where the API is stable enough that Plasma from TRUNK will run on KDE-4.1? If so, then perhaps we can establish separate releases of Plasma till it reaches the point that it is no longer a Beta.

By JRT at Sat, 2008/07/19 - 5:00am

Um... If you don't like to see the panel, why not just get rid of it? Have the task manager, pager, K menu etc. on the desktop and use CTRL+F12 to get to it.

I've used this setting before and found it quite usable, seeing as my screen isn't the biggest out there (bog-standard 1024x768 screen).

By madman at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

That's what I did a couple of months ago. Just to see if I could get used to a desktop without any panels. I have just set that moving the mouse into the upper left corner of screen shows me all the windows from current desktop and moving it into the lower left corner shows me all the desktops. This replaced my taska manager and pager. Of course I can also quickly use the Alt+Tab to switch windows and Ctrl+F1, Ctrl+F2 .. to switch to desktops. the KRunner (Alt+F2) also nicely replaces the need for K menu. And I've put the clock on the Dashboard (Ctrl+F12). The only problem so far is the system tray. I have also have it on Dashboard, but when I bring it up the plasmoid is all black and icons are gone. And today I'm still usong this setup and like it a lot.

By Jure Repinc at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

Very interesting idea. Can you share the steps you used to accomplish this?

By cirehawk at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

click on the panel cashew (it's on the right hand side, or left in an RTL desktop), and click "Remove This Panel". confirm, and voila: no panel.

By Aaron Seigo at Wed, 2008/07/16 - 5:00am

lol Well that much I know Aaron. I was talking more about how he got all the start apps and running apps to pop up in the left corner upon mouse over.

By cirehawk at Thu, 2008/07/17 - 5:00am

I think he is talking about Desktop Grid. If you have kwin effects enabled move your mouse to the top left corner of the desktop and a little more in the same direction.

By Anonymous Coward at Thu, 2008/07/17 - 5:00am