KDE Commit-Digest for 11th January 2009

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest: More parts of the Oxygen-based "Air" visual identity enters KDE SVN in time for the KDE 4.2 release, including KDM background images. Better integration of the new "NetworkManager" Plasma applet with KWallet. Initial work on a new "Welcome" Plasmoid. Support for more units added to the "Conversion" runner in Plasma, including "pressure", "currency", and "energy". Support for identi.ca (and laconi.ca) added to the "Twitter" Plasma data engine. Much work on choqoK, a standalone KDE Twitter application. Support for using imageshack.us as the backend for the "Pastebin" Plasma applet. More work on a "VideoPlayer" Plasmoid (based on Phonon). The VLC backend for Phonon is imported into KDE SVN. New LilyPond indenter script and RPM Specification syntax highlighting files in Kate. Lots of long-awaited new features in KRuler. Start of a new user interface in Rocs. General improvements to visual rendering of .odt documents in Okular. Lots of fixes in KPilot and printing in KOrganizer. Needed improvements in the LaTeX export feature of KSpread. Various work on Akonadi and Amarok 2, including an early "Bookmark" applet and changes to the way the Plasma canvas is presented in the application. An new equivalent to the old "dcopstart" command. Support for localized backends in KPackageKit, with the ability to configure the application from the system tray icon. A registry patch for registering KDE system settings modules as Control Panel elements for KDE-on-Windows. Updated browser user agents representing modern browsers in Konqueror. A major refactoring to convert all backends (VNC, RDP, NX, test) to plugins in KRDC. Initial release of "Magazynier", a KSokoban remake for KDE 4. Import of a version of Konqueror with thumbnailing support. Initial import of a "Solid Actions" KControl module (to replace the "Media Devices" KCM from KDE 3), and telepathy-accountmanager-kwallet. KFormula is removed from kdelibs, in search of better maintainership and to avoid code duplication with KOffice. Amarok 2.0.1, KOffice Beta 5 (, Eigen 2.0 Beta 5, KDE 4.1.4, and KDE 4.2 Release Candidate 1 are tagged for release. Read the rest of the Digest here.

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by Luis (not verified)

I was checking out the KDE 4 Unstable repos from BuildService. Are those early 4.3 snapshots? They seem like O_o

I hope they are XD

by T. J. Brumfield (not verified)

Trunk is now 4.3, so any new trunk builds would be 4.3

by Luis (not verified)

Yeah, I knew it, but I was surprised they were 4.3 snapshots soo soon on OBS.

May I ask an extra question?

Since KDE 4.3 is going to use Qt 4.5, Should I start using trunk+Qt4.5? Or should I wait a little bit more?

by Aaron Seigo (not verified)

wait until we move qt-copy to 4.5 and/or 4.5 rc's start appearing.

by Luis (not verified)

Thank you very much Aaron :-)

by Ken (not verified)

I cannot access https sites with konqueror via a proxy. For example accessing gmail, I get "Connection to www.google.com is broken".

Without proxy, its fine ... er ... although I had to try out various Browser Identities and finally "Opera 9.x" worked!

I want to use konqueror on my work laptop, if possible, as opposed to firefox. However, broken proxy support for https is preventing me from doing so.

Will this be fixed in 4.2 final?

by mdl (not verified)

i'm using it now with proxy (through ntlmaps with authentication) and it works.

sometimes it displays error "connection is broken", but the page loads ok.

by Hannes Hauswedell (not verified)

Simon St James is my personal Hero!

After so long, someone is taking care of Konqueror!!!

I really hope Konqueror improves further, I'd really love for it to become *the* all-round tool again.

Of course there are many issues with Konqueror, but reading this digest gives me hope that Konqueror will (sometime) return full-featured, stable and fast!

Thanks a lot!

by mxttie (not verified)

SSJ, same here. thanks for all the patches!

by SSJ (not verified)

Thanks for the kind words, guys; however, I gather that some other fellow was sworn-in a couple of days ago so the Presidency will have to wait ;)

I don't want to make any promises as, for all I know, Peter and I could be hit by buses tomorrow, but I'd really like to make Konqueror as a file manager *at least* as good as it was in KDE3 times, and will be actively requesting user feedback when I get around to writing this blog of mine :)