on Desktop Elegance

Recently, there have been some comments in the press regarding KDE's look and feel which were, to say the least, rather unflattering. The comments centered mainly around KDE's icons and the overall elegancy of the desktop. Like many of us, Mosfet felt these comments were unwarranted and somewhat misinformed, but he took the extra step of writing up a public response. I'm glad someone did. A lot of people have always enjoyed KDE's default look and feel, but with sites like (includes icon themes), appsy's theme section, as well as the new dedicated themes section on freshmeat, there are now more possibilities than ever to adjust KDE to your personal liking. KDE 3.1 will offer even more.


by rve (not verified)

I'm certainly not one of the "I'm scared guys" ..

It's a case of love and hate, some people love it, some people hate it.

I'm one who "hates" it.

It's impossible to make everyone happy with the same look, I know that.

But currently, there is NO theme or style or iconset at all which looks *nice*, *clean* and *professional*
So only the 'love it' guys are happy now, and the 'hate it' guys not.

And THAT'S my (and many others') problem.

Maybe it's possible to create a default look with some compromises for both sides?

by thierry (not verified)

> It's impossible to make everyone happy with the same look, I know that.

So, the default theme is just here to limit the number
of people who "hates" it.

> And THAT'S my (and many others') problem.

Not really a problem if you can easily change the 'look and feel'.


by rve (not verified)

Not really a problem if you can easily change the 'look and feel'.

Please read my first post a little better..

by dave (not verified)

I'd have to agree here... kde's default theme is like marmite, you either love it or hate it. (and i'm one of the one's who hates marmite)

by Daniel Bodanske (not verified)

When I first installed KDE3, my GF was jumping up and down saying "suai suai suai suai suai suai," which is Thai for beautiful like a hindred times in a row. She was right.

by Judge Dread (not verified)

I was playing with my desktop the other day, and suddenly realized that K is offensive along with the letters 'C', 'U' and 'F'. See screenshot for details.

lol :)

btw. K kan also be seen as the start for a Dutch word named "kut" wich is a dirty/offensive word for "vagina" ( <-- same in English and Dutch )

We have already been through all of this.

Yes, and I actually don't mind the big K at all.

by Raggy (not verified)

I don't mind KDE default look... in fact i like it for the most part a lot. Though there is no denying for me that some of the current icons are looking dated. I know there are new sets around and in development. It's not an issue for me. Also I agree with Mosfet's tone that one really shouldn't bitch too much about a free package created by virtually all volunteer effort.

I really do loath however the K at the beginning of every app. It's even more irksome, the K being so meaningless. About the only thing i can thank Adobe for last year is in harrassing "Killustrator"... at least the new K name shows some imagination and actually (mis)spells a word! About the most disgusting sylable to stick in my throat in all of the software kingdom is "kword"... of all the pathetic rip off names. I only wish microsoft would rumble about suing over that one and light a fire under someone's butt.

Alas for *cough* *kough* ... kkk... koughus... uh, koffice.

But then what can you do? The masses of developers aren't savvy in this area, and some even think it as sheik as pocket protectors to stick that K on there. It's no new thing with KDE. This has been going on with software forever.

This would lead me into a rant about the utter imbicility of the 'mascot' thing certain operating systems and software packages feel identify them or have come to identify them... personally i like to keep the mongoloid fowl and leprous midget images as far from me as possible. But that's just me, obviously.

BTW, that reminds me, where can i get myself a plush gear toy?

by Julio Cesar Gazquez (not verified)

I just saw KDE3 and some stuff, like the black close and the red(!) lock buttons, really hurts my eyes. I couldn't use it enough to see if I can to get used to that, but I feel that the KDE2 had definitely a more pleasant look.
Even when a uniform grayish desktop is not maybe the most appealing, always are a lot more useable.

by Someone (not verified)

Then copy and use the KDE2 close and lock button pngs.

by dave (not verified)

I have to agree with the guy that the default kde theme has never been particularly atteactive, in fact kde1 (in particular KFM) was the ugliest software i had ever seen... then i installed the HancomOffice demo - now HancomWord is ugly. (HancomSheet isn't so bad, but wait a minute they're supposed to be part of the same office suite, shouldn't they share the same look and feel?)

by nojoe (not verified)

Kde and Mosfet.
nuff said.