KDE Kiosk Desktop Hacks Article

Administrators and power users will be pleased to note that the text of the Locking down KDE with Kiosk Mode article as featured in newly published book Linux Desktop Hacks is available for reading online. Written by our very own Dot editor and KDE hacker Jonathan Riddell, this article takes you through basic Kiosk configuration using the Kiosk Admin Tool to lock down KDE. A must read for anyone from internet cafe administrators to those who have a KDE machine for children to use.


The article is a good beginning but should be a little more extensive.

Kiosk is one of the key differentiating technologies that KDE offers over other environments and it is an admin's dream. I think I and many others would benefit from an expanded version of this article. I only wish I had the knowledge to write it.

By Anthony Black at Tue, 2005/06/07 - 5:00am