KDE Turkey Extends Vision

Free software developers in Turkey aim more success in the forthcoming months by enlarging its member base. KDE Turkey (in Turkish) was founded 6 months
ago with the aim to raise KDE usage, consciousness and also to be a central
point for KDE endeavour in Turkey.

Today KDE Turkey is responsible for Turkish localization of KDE. Besides localization efforts, KDE group members also create awareness with talks, IRC meetings, mailing lists, merchandise (in Turkish) and with the attendance to various local organizations.

Founded with the support of Turkish Linux Users Association,
KDE Turkey now cooperates with national Linux distribution Pardus in the localization field. Statistically, in 6 months the visitor counts for group's web sites have quadrupled. KDE Turkey's population is growing rapidly every day with its 26 active members and contributors.

KDE Turkey will attend the 4. Linux
and Free Software Festival in Turkey
(in Turkish), with Barış Metin's KDE Programming presentation.

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by Bülent Ersoy (not verified)

Merhaba, Merhaba, Mer-haaaa-baaaaa :)

by Harald Fernengel (not verified)

thanks so much! I only wish they had an english translation of all those pages ;)

by Fabrice (not verified)

Congratulations to the Turkish KDE community for founding "KDE Turkey". I look forward to hear more from your (local) efforts!