2004 Relaunched

The web team of KDE Germany is proud to present the German KDE website with a new layout. During the last weeks, the team of - especially Dirk Trompetter and Klaus Staerk - did a great job to revise both layout and content of this website. Have a lot of fun with the new, reworked version of


"Overworked" has the meaning of "having overdone with work", "being completely exhausted".

You certainly meant to talk about a "reworked" website. "Reworked" has the meaning of "overhauled", "refurbished", "renovated".

Isn't there a native English speaker in the dot editors' team? Very often your stories make it sound as they were badly translated from German. In the US, this re-inforces their "not invented here" syndrome companies do suffer from when they look at KDE (and compare it with GNOME).

By kdefriend2 at Fri, 2004/08/06 - 5:00am

> "Overworked" has the meaning of "having overdone with work", "being completely exhausted".

Not only. According to both and Langenscheidt dictionary "overworked" with the meaning it was used is correct while perhaps not the best solution.

By Anonymous at Fri, 2004/08/06 - 5:00am

We might say 'worked over', but not 'overworked' for this sense - reworked is perhaps the best word to use here. What is the German word, so us English speakers can learn something - 'uberwerken'?

By Richard Dale at Fri, 2004/08/06 - 5:00am

German "überarbeiten" corresponds to English "to rework", but "überarbeitet" (the past participle) has also the meaning "overworked".


"Er ist überarbeitet." --> "He's overworked.", but "Die Seite ist überarbeitet." --> "The page is reworked." Funny thing, this.

By g.kunter at Fri, 2004/08/06 - 5:00am

Ah, interesting - without this discussion I don't think I'd be able to remember that, but now I've got something to hang it on. I should have at least remembered "arbeit" -> work - useless of me!

So 'werk' isn't a proper German word, and 'MetroWerks' as in the compiler company, must be mock German..

By Richard Dale at Fri, 2004/08/06 - 5:00am

"Werk" is a proper German word. See

By Ingo Klöcker at Fri, 2004/08/06 - 5:00am

I wish 'werk' was a proper English word. Why do we spell 'fork' is a similar way to 'work', but speak it rhyming with 'awk'.

It looks to me as though 'werk', with the better German spelling, means 'a finished thing that you have worked on'. As opposed to something your still working on - 'arbeit'. So that might explain is similar difference with 'überarbeitet' that means 'the thing is finished, redone and better than the previous version'. As opposed to describing someone who is working on something who may or may not finish successfully. Perhaps it reflects higher German engineering standards, which are embedded in the language.. :)

By Richard Dale at Sat, 2004/08/07 - 5:00am

Yup. "Arbeit" is the process that, if finished succesfully, leads to a "Werk".

Side note: A "Werk" can also mean plant (as in factory or powerplant, not as in tomato).

By Annno v. Heimburg at Mon, 2004/08/09 - 5:00am

In fact, werk is dutch for work.
Are you confused yet?


By Frank at Mon, 2004/08/16 - 5:00am

Well done, nice site!

By wilbert at Fri, 2004/08/06 - 5:00am

Looked at the new site and all looks nice. I have one complaint though:
Why I don't get the RDF under .../news/news.rdf like it was before, but have to manually correct it to .../nachrichten/nachrichten.rdf in knewsticker?

By Thomas Heuving at Fri, 2004/08/06 - 5:00am

Hello Thomas,

first of all: thanks for visiting and using our news feed :-)

Well, the decision about the new path for the RDF file was made for several reasons during the process of revision of - I'm sorry! I hope it didn't bother you too much to redefine the path in your newsticker app.

Have fun with the new page of KDE Germany.


Klaus :-)

By klaus at Fri, 2004/08/06 - 5:00am

That looks really nice. IMHO, the font should be bumped up a little, but that's just me.

I hope redoes their site to look the same.

By archon at Fri, 2004/08/06 - 5:00am

> I hope redoes their site to look the same.

Very unlikely.

By Anonymous at Fri, 2004/08/06 - 5:00am

Re-do in which way?

If it is the colours, that would rather be easy to have them as alternate style.

Have a nice day!

By Nicolas Goutte at Sat, 2004/08/07 - 5:00am

It is sad that the German website does not mention the translation to low saxon(nds).

By bernd at Mon, 2004/08/09 - 5:00am

Send (a patch) to

By Anonymous at Tue, 2004/08/10 - 5:00am

Not sure why, but the site does not render quite nicely with Konqueror 3.2.3. It's a bit too wide to fit on the screen. Note that I'm using a 1152x764 resolution, so it's not my browserwindow that is just too small. I think that a KDE website should at least look good on KDE.

By Andre Somers at Tue, 2004/08/10 - 5:00am

Hello Andre,

In know this "problem". Actually, this is a known _bug_ in Konqueror that was fixed in older versions - and seems to have re-appeared in version 3.2.3.

Maybe you consult about this issue.

Other browsers like Mozilla and Opera have no problems with rendering this site.



By Klaus Staerk at Wed, 2004/08/11 - 5:00am