KDE Commit-Digest for 30th July 2006

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest: Work begins on integrating C# support in KDevelop, as the second phase of the "C# parser for KDevelop" Summer Of Code project, whilst a companion effort concurrently starts to support Java. Eigen, a matrix and vector mathematics library is begun. okular is ported to QGraphicsView. Infrastructure improvements in Solid and Kalzium. "Siox" tool ported to Krita.

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by DeKay (not verified)

"Fixes playback of youtube videos embedded in other web sites." This bug is a major reason I was sticking with Firefox. Will this fix be in 3.5.4?

Also I'm *really* looking forward to okular. It's going to rock.

by Martin (not verified)

"Fixes playback of youtube videos embedded in other web sites."

Yes, please, please include this in the next minor release. I only keep switching to Firefox sometimes for this single reason.

by Eike Hein (not verified)

Unfortunately, no - it slipped by 3.5.4.

by A.C. (not verified)

Not to worry: where is the patch? I think some of us will simply integrate it manually into the sources we'll use to upgrade to 3.5.4. :)

by Eike Hein (not verified)

Note: Gentoo already patched their 3.5.3 package in their development tree.

by Lee (not verified)

Hmm. I can't get konqueror to play youtube stuff on youtube's own site. Is there a trick to it? Do I need a konqi version more recent than 3.5.2?

by Adrian Baugh (not verified)

Does it also fix the problem with embedded video in the BBC's website? That's the only significant annoyance I have with konq at the moment.

by Tim (not verified)

Apparently that doesn't work because konqueror doesn't support scripted plugins, or something.

The only way I've found to play BBC videos, is using Real Player (ugh) in firefox. And then I can't find a way to maximise the window. At least it is pretty good quality and the sound is in sync though, unlike that piece of crap flash player.

by me (not verified)

How does KNetworkmanager compare to the KNeMo referenced in the digest? They look like they intersect a lot?

by Anonymous (not verified)

I have KNemo running as a data plotter and statistics tool regarding up-/download and information regarding the own IP. (Daily/weekly/monthly total reports of up-/download are still missing I think). You can't change your IP settings with it.

Don't know about KNetworkManager, but an ideal tool for managing networks in KDE should probably have these statistics and plotting functions included.

by MK (not verified)

Danny, thanks for the commit-digest. Your work is greatly appreciated!!!

by hill (not verified)

Benjamin K. Stuhl - what was wrong about the name?

by morphado (not verified)

it rather a surrealistic situation; I am here nowhere in SAHARA; reading commit digest hoping to hear something about kde3.5.5;

definitifely I love the internet