Report of Paris Solutions Linux 2005

Solutions Linux trade show is the French annual rendez-vous of Free Software technologies and their commercial applications. This year, it ran from February 1st to February 3rd. Like preceding years, KDE-France was present and benefited of a free booth in the "Associative Village".

Located at the "desktop crossroad", we were surrounded by
our friends of GNOME, and Mozilla. The
booth crew installed a computer equipped with a large
screen and during three days, we demonstrated KDE 3.4
(then in its beta days) which shined as a very stable
Krokodil. A lot of happy and friendly users came to
have a chat and a glance at the new features.

In the commercial section of Solutions Linus, many KDE
desktops were on demonstration especially the corporate
desktop solutions of Novell and Mandrake. 2004-2005 was
also the first year when KDE entered modestly the
French mainstream computer market. A French multimedia
discounter, Planète Saturn, in offering in his outlets
a KDE PC for 299 €. The French government has also
launched a 1 € / day notebook program. A scheme to
help students buy a notebook by giving some subsidies.
One of the notebook on the list is running KDE.

On the KDE booth, around 15 developers, translators,
promoters and passionate users took turns. Watch photos
of us here.

KDE and KDE-France are always looking for new volunteers. If you are French speaking and interested in developing, translating, promoting, creating digital art, organising activities, drop us a mail on our list and we will help you find your way in the KDE project. If you have no time, still consider enlisting
in the KDE-France association. Your money will be wisely spent.

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by gerard (not verified)
by Pat (not verified)

I couldn't find any 299€ PC with KDE on

by Charles de Miramon (not verified)

They don't sell online. You have to go in their shops to find it. There is no Planète Saturn near my place, so I could not check.

by Aaron J. Seigo (not verified)

looks like it was enjoyable! i see David was flashing his patented smile about a lot there =) i'm sure it was as fun as it looks ... and if they need a home for that monitor they were using to show KDE on, i'm sure i could give it all the love it needs.

and nice to see KDE in the other booths as well, such as Novell.