KDE 4.0 Beta 4 and Development Platform RC Released

The KDE Community is happy to release the
fourth Beta for KDE 4.0
. This Beta aimed at further polishing of
the KDE codebase and we would love to start receiving feedback from
testers. At the same time, a Release Candidate for the KDE 4.0 Development Platform is released. This Development Platform contains the bits and pieces needed to run and build applications using KDE 4 technology. The purpose of this Development Platform is to make it easier for third parties to port their applications to KDE 4, without having to wait until the full desktop is polished enough for the final 4.0 release.

As KDE has largely has been in bugfix mode, this last beta aims to
encourage testers to have a look at KDE 4 to help us find and solve
the remaining problems and bugs. Besides the stabilization of the
codebase, some minor features have been added, including but not
limited to much work on Plasma.
Sebastian Kügler notes: "The improvements have been huge, and plasma
is much closer to what it needs to be before the release. I am
confident we will be able to finish it and present a very usable
plasma to the users with KDE 4.0".

KDE 4 is the next generation of the popular KDE Desktop Environment
which seeks to fulfill the need for a powerful yet easy to use desktop
for both personal and enterprise computing. The aim of the KDE project
for the 4.0 release is to put the foundations in place for future
innovations on the Free Desktop. The many newly introduced
technologies incorporated in the KDE libraries will make it easier for
developers to add rich functionality to their applications, combining
and connecting different components in any way they want.

The announcement
has more information and download links for packages for
several distributions.

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by barteqx (not verified)

I think porting KDE 3 to QT 4 is the best idea.

by Anon (not verified)

I give your trolling 3/10. Best of luck with it, though!

by Bobby (not verified)

Where there is no negative there is also no positive.
Vista is also screwd up even though it's finished. KDE4 is still in beta stages and I am sure that it will be much better than Vista.

by Solardeity (not verified)

First i want to thank the KDE 4 Developers for creating this wonderful attractive Desktop, it for sure beats the looks compared with OS X and Vista..

I think Some of you people are very impolite and un thankful (never learned manners?? ) , if you don't like KDE 4 just don't use it!! :-) "ITS THAT EASY"
But stop talking all that negative crap about KDE 4 when it ain't even released yet... don't get me wrong, nothing against critic but some People should say what they don't like in a more Human way, not like a dam Idiot...

I think KDE 4 is doing a great job, i like a good looking Desktop and when the applications all harmonize with each other..

KDE 4 is just what i am waiting for.. keep it up!!

by szlam (not verified)

And I don't just mean kdelibs.